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Here are our Top 10 Companies that fool you into thinking they are cruelty free!…
The debate on the breeding and sale of puppies has been postponed. This gives you more time to lobby your MP…
A joke of a competition if L’Oreal and Shiseido are voted as ‘ethical companies’…
L’Oreal and Shiseido have been voted ‘ethical companies’ - and no, it’s not an April Fools prank…
Gross incompetence at Defra Since September 2011, they’ve been overstating the figures for the incidence of bovine TB
Owen Paterson can’t be trusted. Figures show bTB is in decline - just a few weeks ago Paterson said that “The disease is getting worse”
@RBFBeauty I am afraid not as Shiseido doesn’t have a FCOD! But it is interesting to know that L’Oreal is acquiring more companies
@RBFBeauty Any company that is related to L’Oreal is not endorsed by Naturewatch!
Gross incompetence @DefraGovUK - Revised numbers show that, since September 2011, Defra has been overstating the figures 4 incidence of bTB
BE AWARE:L’Oréal is about to add yet more brands to its portfolio with the acquisition of Decléor and Carita…
MPs vote overwhelmingly to abandon the controversial badger culls in England!…
Badger culls 'ineffective', says leaked report - Farm leaders say they are unable to comment…
Badger culls were 'ineffective and failed humaneness test’, BBC reports!… #stopthebadgercull
RT @crrome: @forkoffcruelty @izzy2a It's worth buying a copy of the @Naturewatch_org guide. So many companies are economical with the truth…
It is tragic that dogs and children have to lose their lives due to irresponsible ownership and…
Naturewatch Foundation is campaigning for stricter laws on the breeding and selling of dogs!
No child should ever be left alone with a dog - parents need to realise that, whatever breed and however friendly, any dog can harm a child.
Staffies were considered to be a friendly breed until they became a ‘status‘ dog & fell into the hands of irresponsible breeders & owners.
A dogs aggression is born from a blend of its personality, socialisation, training and most of all, how it has been bred and treated
A dog’s level of aggression has little to do with its breed - Jennie Rudd…
Evidence reveals that the separation of puppies before eight weeks causes a significant increase in risk of health & behavioural problems.
The Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999 allows the sale of dogs which are less than eight weeks old to holders of Pet Shop Licences
250,000 dog bites require hospital treatment every year. Failure of early socialisation @ puppy farms is a major factor in many incidences
Why do children and dogs have to die?… Blog post by Jennie Rudd
@forkoffcruelty @izzy2a The Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide takes the effort out of cruelty free shopping. Why not give it a try?
@forkoffcruelty @izzy2a There are so many other companies out there like The Body Shop! Urban Decay, Superdrug are just the top of the list
@izzy2a @forkoffcruelty With a copy of our Compassionate Shopping Guide you can be sure you won’t be fooled into making the wrong choices.
@mareecollier48 That’s why we compiled the Compassionate Shopping Guide. Convenience is a core factor on how we shop…
#NOAnimalTesting Profits made by The Body Shop DO benefit L’Oréal and can, indirectly, be used to fund L’Oréal's animal testing activities
#NOAnimalTesting The National Centre of 3Rs set up in 2004 is starved of funds.Its annual grant represents little more than £1/ each animal
#NOAnimalTesting More than 50 years have passed since the launch of the 3Rs principles yet a record no of animals are being subject to pain
#NOAnimalTesting Every single @TheBodyShopUK product u or anyone else buys puts money in the hands of @lorealparisfr
#NOAnimalTesting 4,000 beauty prod were introduced in China during the past year which translates into more than 300,000 animals suffering
#NOAnimalTesting Not only does this book offer ideas for great cruelty-free toiletries but the proceeds help our work…
RT @omgemilyfaith: Boycott all animal tested products. If those labs and warehouses had glass walls you would feel sick to your stomach. #N…
#NOAnimalTesting If it's natural ingredients and truly cruelty free products you crave, this is the book for you!…
Remember, profits from the sale of products in EU produced by multinational comp can be used to fund animal testing elsewhere in the world
#NOAnimalTesting The supply chain is infected with cruel animal testing. Make sure you are out…
#NOAnimalTesting Home Office Ministers are failing totally to control animal experiments. It’s time for GOV to act…
#NOAnimalTesting This is an industry that will do nothing willingly - the Government must act to end this situation
#NOAnimalTesting After 20 years of campaigning I can assure u of one fact–the ind will NOT develop non-animal alternatives unless forced
#NoAnimalTesting Despite a massive increase in the use of animals every year our Gov continues to believe them
#NOAnimalTesting Over 50 years ago, the experimenters promised to seek non-animal testing methods & they are still making that same promise
#NoAnimalTesting the experiment ind. is hugely powerful and our Gov ministers are scared of calling it to account
#NOAnimalTesting The Home Off. insists that exp using animals are undertaken when necessary yet there’s been a 40% increase since year 2000
#NoAnimalTesting These figures are the highest since 1981! I don’t think it can get much more disgraceful than that
#NoAnimalTesting The latest statistics reveald nearly 3.8 MILLION animals died in one year in laboratories hidden throughout Great Britain.
#NoAnimalTesting the only reason they experiment on animals is to make money – lots of it. Animals are a cheap commodity to them
#NoAnimalTesting Every time u spend your money, u are casting a vote on the kind of world you want to live in. Shop cruelty-free!
#NoAnimalTesting Convenience is a core factor in how we shop.The guide takes the effort out&helps u shop cruelty free…
#NoAnimalTesting Whilst you may well be aware of the truth of the matter, your family, friends and colleagues may not be. Pls raise awarness
#NoAnimalTesting @LOrealParisUK received a £40mil dividend from its subsidiary @TheBodyShopUK Do you still believe is cruelty free?
#NoAnimalTesting It’s important to note that the EU cosmetic ban only applies to NEW products, not the ones already on our shop shelves
Means ur money spent on products prod by these multinational comp in EU can be used to fund animal testing ban or no ban #NoAnimalTesting
#NoAnimalTesting Despite the EU Cosmetics Testing Ban, multinational companies can continue to test on animals to sell outside Europe
#NOANIMALTESTING Our Compassionate Shopping Guide is encouraging conscious, ethical and cruelty-free commerce…
#NOANIMALTESTING @TheBodyShopUK gave over £40 mil to @LOrealParisUK in dividents. Boycott!…" title="" target="_blank">…
#NoAnimalTesting @TheBodyShopUK @UrbanDecay say they are cruelty free when their parent company is @LOrealParisUK .Stand up and boycott
Through making informed choices you can use ur purchasing power to only support cruelty free comp… #NOAnimalTesting
Our Compassionate Shopping Guide puts the spotlight on comp that test on animals & highlights genuinely cruelty free comp #NOAnimalTesting
@crrome @HeyLittleJude And is still current! Also, please have a look at the new endorsements…
@crrome @HeyLittleJude The Compassionate Shopping Guide is updated every 2 years.The current edition includes regular updates from last year
@crrome @ArbonneEmma Unfortunately we don't have enough information about this company to endorse them despite our best efforts
Its that cold and windy I thought it would be a good time to discuss what we put on our skin to protect it…
Cruelty-free winter skin savers from our specialist make-up stylist @NikkiHairmare…
Join our team of hard-working, dynamic, and quirky people committed to make the world a better place for the animals.…
Naturewatch has joined forces with C.A.R.I.A.D to campaign against puppy farming!
Can you be a superhero? Calling anyone who would like to actively support Naturewatch with our day-to-day activities…
You might have missed the last post but please remember that being cruelty free is not just for Christmas,is for life…
It's still not too late to inspire and enlighten your friends and family with an unique gift- our Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide.
Naturewatch Director has sadly passed away…
In July, L’Oreal received a £40million dividend from its subsidiary The Body Shop! Do you still believe The Body Shop is cruelty free?
Over 4000 beauty products were introduced in China during the past year translating into more than 300,000 animals suffering in cruel tests
Please don’t allow profit chasing companies to torture poor animals for the sake of vanity. Chose cruelty-free
RT @NikkiHairmare: Buying cosmetics as pressies? Check out my blog for @Naturewatch_org get some ideas for amazing Cruelty Free brands! htt…
Take the cruelty out of make-up trends this Christmas…
@springmeister We would like to send you few email updates. Could you please indicate the best email address we can write to you?
We call for the introduction of a fee-per-animal used to increase funding into alternative testing methods-epetitions
Inspiring events organised in celebration of World Animal Day 2013… Amina
Naturewatch’s education project to teach children in Ukraine about responsible pet ownership has been launched!…
New skin test will create faster and more accurate alternative to animal testing…
@cwchedup In July media reported: Body Shop was worth it for L’Oréal as it hands over a dividend of £40 million…
No surprise badger cull is a complete shambles @DefraGovUK still not listening to science.Have your say today…
If only it was that easy! This may be true for the finished product but the ingredients may have been tested on animals
If a product says ‘Cruelty Free' or has a rabbit on it, does that mean it’s not been tested on animals?⁰
@J_R_Hamilton @Lord_Sugar We are the only organisation who takes into consideration the parent company situation…
@J_R_Hamilton @Lord_Sugar Everytime u spend ur money,u are casting a vote on the world u want to live in.Buying cruelty free IS IMPORTANT!
Thank you for supporting Naturewatch and WAD! ◕‿- A thumbs up on our FB page would be great!…
@BareNaturalsUK @HeyLittleJude If you are cruelty-free, why not get endosed by NW?Email and get in touch
Thank you @ifeelanimals for this amazing video!
We couldn’t express it better ourselves!
We couldn’t express it better ourselves! #worldanimalday
@ifeelanimals joins the World Animal Day with this special video supporting this year’s theme - Stray Dog Welfare!
RT @funky_cowgirl: #happyworldanimalday! Although for me every day is animal day!
@PawsForAll @dandiedinmont @pupaid EDM 412 urges the government to address the core issue of abandonment You are not alone!
The WAD anthem I PROMISE YOU can be listened here…
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Naturewatch and the Naturewatch Foundation – Campaigning against animal cruelty and promoting the advancement of animal welfare around the world.

Naturewatch aims to prevent cruelty to animals through political lobbying and the publication and promotion of supporting documents, while the Naturewatch Foundation undertakes campaigns to educate and raise public awareness and also provides support for the development of animal welfare standards, particularly in Eastern Europe.

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Naturewatch has joined forces with C.A.R.I.A.D to campaign against the puppy farming industry!

We look forward to working with them on this campaign and making a difference to the thousands of puppies and dogs trapped in puppy farms.