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20% off for the whole weekend! Only £4.00 until Monday 30/11/15! Naturewatch / local press - notes for prospective puppy buyers before Christmas...@marcthevet @CARIADCAMPAIGN… Naturewatch / local press - notes for prospective puppy buyers before Christmas...@marcthevet @CARIADCAMPAIGN
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BLACK FRIDAY: 20% OFF Compassionate Shopping Guide £4.00! Orders received 26/11/15-30/11/15 ... And these are the results when puppies are farmed for high volume sales. #PuppyFarming… Pet shops that sell dogs in the USA, but it's just the same right here in the UK. #PuppyFarming
Remind animal testing companies that it’s time to develop and implement a meaningful cruelty-free policy
When you refuse to use animal tested products you are showing the world which issues matter
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CSG prize draw PINK STUFF miracle cleaner from STAR BRANDS won by Shelagh G, Cornwall… Where the #puppyfarm licensing debate leads - it's volume and turnover that's the true problem regardless of permits… Trading without a licence, but licensing doesn't make puppy farming ok by a long shot -…
Just in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other special day - 6 Delicious Turkey-Free Vegan Roasts…
Just in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other special day - 6 Delicious Turkey-Free Vegan Roasts
Brrr, it's a bit chilly in the UK! Here are some winter skin care tips from MuLondon, one of our endorsed companies…
CSG prize draw GARDENERS HAND CREAM from ELEGANCE NATURAL SKIN CARE won by Val S, Derbyshire… News from the Lush prize in London on Friday.
Everything that can go wrong within puppy farm licensing systems -…… Brilliant dog rescue story - dog no longer stuck in wombat tunnel!
@and_so_but Pleasure to meet you on Friday - really impressed by your green bike et cetera. Very best, Patrick
RT @dodo: Animals with disabilities can still live incredibly happy lives - just like Daisy!… Look out for BBC Watchdog on Thursday this week - all about pet sales from high street shops... Please share!… Look out for BBC Watchdog on Thursday this week - all about pet sales from high street shops... Please share! Notice of an early day motion on pet sales from pet shops that your MP can sign... write off and let us know!
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RT @LateSophiete: paw by Jorge Gomez de Oliveira by #animals #cute
"The government needs to step up and stop licencing puppy farms which can hold anything from 200-300…" — Jan George Cheltenham regs bring stricter regime for dog breeders @tessamunt @KateParminter @mpmwilko @Cllr_whyborn
.@ukhomeoffice keen to breed more dogs for tests here in the UK. Read our July analysis here…
@ukhomeoffice keen to breed more dogs for tests here in the UK. Read our July analysis here…
Good work @CrueltyFreeIntl - for full background on @ukhomeoffice beagle breeding decision read our July analysis:…… Following the pack - when dog breeds get pupular....
One experiment even revealed signs of empathy in rats, with animals working to save or rescue others in distress.… Great piece from @tessamunt on the need to tighten enforcement of puppy breeding and trading in the UK. Thank you!… 'Time to stop puppy farming once and for all' - Baroness Parminter
It’s been almost a month since #worldanimalday and we want to thank you all 4 making this special day an amazing success for animal welfare… House of Fraser "recognises that the picture was inappropriate and an error of judgement"… Ten minutes of debate on puppy farming and trading available to view via the link - House of Lords… Could this, or does this ever happen in Britain? Need to know relevance of university experiments using live animals… Great to see @kateparminter promoting much needed reform. Thank you!… Quick simple video intro to the reality of bad reporting on drug development after animal experiments. Great work.
Congratulations @mulondon! Conscious, ethical and cruelty-free commerce will no doubt become a dominant model…
This school in Romania took part in World Animal Day 2015! What will YOU do on Oct 4th 2016?
Keeping pets and wild animals safe on Bonfire Night...… 3rd good news story today - requirements tighten for labs to prove no alternative before testing on animals...… Sioux City administrators begin process of addressing puppy mills in Iowa USA - with video (distressing images)… Great news from Florida - next puppy sales ban. Remember though that pet shops can't socialise puppies properly...
@BethRodgersOS Bethany we loved your Casselberry puppy sales story! Only hope we can initiate similar here in the UK. Thank you!… Meet puppy farm survivor Annabelle, and her brilliant and inspiring owner Lucy. Heroes both - congratulations.… Dutch plans to lead innovation in animal-free research #animaltestingalternatives
carbon neutral, cruelty-free, vegan” products - from a company newly listed on Australian Stock Exchange...…
Donating tissue can reduce the need for animal experiments... #animaltestingalternatives…… 2 minute video - when carcasses from animal experimentation affect human water sources. #animaltesting… 'In Japan... early indications are that consumers wish to see... new testing regimes that do not involve animals'
RT @jamesoxley12: @Naturewatch_org pls RT; Do you own/show/work with Rabbits? If yes please fill in the following survey…
RT @theonedanielle: Just ordered me & my sister copies of the @Naturewatch_org compassion shopping guide. Can't wait for them to arrive #ve…
RT @myBotanicals: We are featured in the @Naturewatch_org compassionate shopping guide, because animals shouldn't have to suffer for our be…
Read our recent blog post about the Annual Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals in Great Britain…… Bolton News - what proportion of dog breeding and trading, a cash in hand business, pays income tax in the UK.
RT @Puppy_Petition: Wow! Great response but we still need more signatures to stop pet shop puppy sales.Pse sign… ht…
@AdamRutherford That's great thanks. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. #bbcinsidescience #animaltesting #AnimalTestingAlternatives
@AdamRutherford Here we go:… Guardian's notes on last week's report... #bbcinsidescience #animaltesting
Every single minute of the day 8 animals die in a British laboratory – 11,000 every day.
#bbcinsidescience - one side of animal experiments story, no mention of bias reported by Edinburgh Uni last week……
3.87 million experiments on live animals, UK 2014. That's about a third of the total for the whole of Europe...… on the origins of dogs... Includes data on the amazing percentage of village dogs globally.… breeding dogs to be vulnerable to specific diseases ahead of tests in university labs..… Interesting article exploring secrecy in animal based research, and calls for transparency and information.
RT @thebiodcompany: Check out our guest blog post on @Naturewatch_org! We're endorsed in their Compassionate Shopping Guide…… Great article from Northdale Veterinary Practice. Really good to see vets responding to recent puppy farming news.… Brilliant film! 5 mins on how organs can be replicated replacing use of animals in experiments
Check out RSPCA advice to help your pets cope better
RT @Groovycathers: Our puppy dared watch the morning session (but she did enjoy Cookie's 200) #bbccricket
Great to scrutinize animal experiments through rigorous study of research standards. Congratulations @EdinburghUni…
Rusty is v. lucky - puppy farms in Britain will have around 80k breeding bitches. Good luck Rusty.…
"Safety evaluation is largely based on animal testing... However, there are widely recognized limitations"…… Lord Krebs debunks Badger Cull efficacy myths - from 7 minutes 30 seconds...
Clean your house with a clear conscience, without funding the animal testing industry.
It’s what’s NOT on the inside that counts! Bio-D endorsed in Compassionate Shopping Guide!
Animals Rescued From Labs Become Magic Models In Alice-In-Wonderland Photoshoot. Every day is #worldanimalday…… New US Bill limiting use of animals in experiments, comment from Physicians Cttee for Responsible Medicine...… Important petition on animal experiments - quick and easy to sign and support the cause, and to follow with a letter… Brilliant message from much loved and respected Gillian Anderson. Thank you. #animaltesting #animalexperiments… Perfect guidance on the puppy farming scandal in the UK. Watch from 15mins and 30mins. #puppyfarm #puppylove
Botanicals is in the Compassionate Shopping Guide! Get your copy from Naturewatch Foundation!
Salt Lake City, Utah USA. Pet shops can't sell commercially bred puppies by law... Great example to set.… Well done and congratulations @ManchesterUniv and @NC3Rs - great news for replacing #animalexperiments
'Hello' to these animal-loving Va grade pupils from Bosnia & Herzegovina - thank you for supporting World Animal Day!… Misleading sale of puppy leads to prison for US dog trader... #puppy… Recognition from NC3R: some experiments are better than others - more or less wasteful in terms of animals involved.
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