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SUN 7TH AUG, 11am-5pm - join us at PAWS IN THE PARK - Pittville Park in Cheltenham! GL52 3JE
Every animal deserves the best life possible - and a lab will never provide it.
Over 4 million animals used in animal experiments in 2015. #animaltesting #crueltyfree…
L'ORÉAL AIRS MORE TV ADS THAN ANY OTHER BRAND IN THE UK 4,825 ads / 1994 minutes in 1 month!
Minimise the chemicals in your home by making your own products!
Newsletter: Includes shopping guide updates!…
Know EXACTLY what is in your skincare products - make them yourself!
The parent company counts - please find out who owns your favourite brand before you buy!
Methylisothiazolinone (MI) – can trigger rashes and swelling. Learn how to avoid harsh chemicals by using our new…
Is your skin under attack? Brands that still contain danger ingredient 2 YEARS after doctors first raised the alarm…
Join us to power #WorldAnimalDay and speak up for those who have no voice
L’Oréal, Unilever, and P&G questioned on microplastics environmental impact
Home Made Booklets are now on their way to you. Di, our wonderful volunteer, has been packing for the last SIX hours
Every one of us can make a difference – together we make change!
One hopes that this sort of enlightenment will extend to the other animals in desperate need of…
How One Medical Research Charity Is Replacing Animals In Laboratories 'Change is possible.'…
Advertising watchdog finds 27 health and personal care ads ‘misleading or unsubstantiated’
By educating, training and providing equipment we can improve the lives of strays in Ukraine
A few more stories about the animals whose lives you helped save in Ukraine. As you can see,……
Some brands aren't upfront about the animal testing policy of their parent company
Each & every #animal on #earth has as much right to be here as you & me #worldanimalday #animalwelfare #animalrights
Unfortunately the unprecedented unnatural extinction of many marine species including marine……
He might be tiny, but this fish’s lovely little story is a reminder that all animals deserve a……
Watch the film if you want but don’t find a Dory…
We'd love you to get involved and make a difference for animals by organising an event. The……
Teaching children to have compassion and empathy for their furry, feathered, and finned friends……
Why not bring an animal-related issue to the attention of others, either in your local community……
'Major city decides zoo is no place for animals'
RT @CITES: Malaysia: Gov't to shut down websites, social media pages selling #wildlife illegally #CoP17 https://t.c…
@kkrissyy_ Please consider making a pledge on
RT @MrsAnahata: Brilliant, Powerful Illustrations That Show Animals Treating Us The Way We Treat Them
Watch the film if you want but don’t find a Dory
If you are disturbed by the news of Juma the jaguar, do something about it this October 4th.
'Gang sentenced for killing badgers after being stopped near York' 12 - 24 weeks in jail is nowhere near long enough…
JULY 24: BRING YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY: Angus' profile on the website In aid of All Dogs Matter
REVLON BUYING ELIZABETH ARDEN FOR $870 MILLION - EA will still NOT be cruelty-free.
Hopefully other companies will follow their example
RT @dodo: Caesar the bear was trapped for years in a 'torture vest' but now spends her days swimming.…
Wonderful news! From 2017 products tested on animals will be banned in Australia… #crueltyfree #WorldAnimalDay
Please sign to see the end for the use of shelter dogs in experiments in the US, Australia, Brazil and Canada…
Swedish Nutrition Giant Stops Torturing Mice for Baby Food…
Sold in China and cruelty-free? Bottom line - NO!…
Billly&Ellie are walking 500 miles of the Camino de Santiago to raise funds for Naturewatch Foundation. Support them
RT @MuLondon: @Naturewatch_org Thanks so much for your kind mention! Here's the link to the offer:…. ❤❤❤
@MuLondon 'Liquid Gold' Moisturizer Wins #EarthDay #Beauty Award! Get £5 off any orders that include the product
Did you know that eating a hamburger could hurt wolves, polar bears, and pikas?…
This study study highlights once again how important it is to thoroughly do your research before buying a puppy…
Record fine levied against biotech firm for research-animal abuse…
@Rocket_Bird with misleading statements that can make you believe the product and its ingredients have never been tested on animals.
@Rocket_Bird If only it was that easy! Unfortunately labelling terminology is not legally defined and this is why so many companies get away
'Exotic animal' parade - Why not replicate this event on World Animal Day this year?4th Oct
We can’t prevent Disasters, but we can be
A very special poem on the theme of animal experimentation by @susanpoet #WorldAnimalDay
Tax payers money continue to pour into the animal testing industry as powerful interests depend on that flow of cash…
From Dublin to Kuala Lumpur,activists are taking a stand outside "luxury" retailers… #shopcrueltyfree #WorldAnimalDay
From Dublin to Kuala Lumpur,activists are taking a stand outside "luxury" retailers #shopcrueltyfree #WorldAnimalDay
RT @dodo: Lawyer John Friske turned his home into a sanctuary for rescued animals. #NBD
RT @dodo: This kitten without elbow joints finally has the home — and dog — of her dreams. ❤
''The lowest meow caught my attention- her eyes showed so much sadness, but her purrs showed so much love and hope."
The report features puppy mills in 16 states, including four repeat offenders in…
If you can ride it, hug it or have a selfie with a wild animal, then you can be sure it is cruel.…
Animal skins have no place in fashion #WordAnimalDay…
Leather alternative replaces animal skin with pineapple leaves in a very environmentally friendly way.…
Great Day for Animal Rights Activists, No more Chimpanzee in U.S.A labs…
Research found TripAdvisor was promoting 188 venues where animals experienced cruelty.…
Think Twice Before Visiting A Wildlife Attraction On Your Next Holiday
Please sign and share.
‘Ruthless and lucrative’ puppy farming trade worth up to £300m annually
Be aware that puppy dealers are increasingly knowledgeable regarding how to make their dealings look legitimate
RT @consciousface: So exciting! @Naturewatch_org filming today using our products to show you can look amazing by going cruelty free! https…
Green Party begins week long campaign to highlight benefits of EU membership for animal welfare…
@ForgetMeNotAnim Just sent you a PM on FB (too long for Twitter)...
@ipostparcels Already sorted via your lovely customer service :) Thanks anyway!
@ipostparcels order 375521: box picked up by wrong driver today. We cancelled yesterday. Label was another company's. Please contact us ASAP
@ipostparcels order 375521: box picked up by wrong driver today - we cancelled yesterday. Label is another company's. Please contact us ASAP
EXCITING OPPORTUNITY! Campaign Manager - Naturewatch Foundation, Cheltenham Closes: 25 April
@ForgetMeNotAnim just sent you a pm on FB!
Making these claims does not mean that a company isn't benefiting from testing outside EU
Unilever settles Suave Professionals hair loss case for US$10 mill Another reason to avoid.
Educational Seminar in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine: Natalie Sorokopud, Ukraine Rep, Naturewatch
@judysale23 @DavidBowles21 @RSPCA_official ... would lead to much much more enforcement activity than currently happening.
@judysale23 @DavidBowles21 @RSPCA_official ... then keep a full history of all evidence of unlicensed commercial selling...
@judysale23 @DavidBowles21 @RSPCA_official Good Q again Judy - best for public and campaigners to track local pup sales online and report,
@DavidBowles21 Is that correct @DefraGovUK? Nov '14 letter to all Councils not mandatory?
@DavidBowles21 @judysale23 @RSPCA_official ...and bad for volume breeders - hard to understand puppy farm deniers motives though.
@DavidBowles21 @judysale23 @RSPCA_official clear - puppy farming is profit motivated, volume breeding. Phrase is extremely good for dogs,
@DavidBowles21 @DefraGovUK Specifically refers to definition under HMRC badges of trade:…
@DavidBowles21 @DefraGovUK Not so - see DEFRA letter November 2014 to all Councils - any trade licensable regardless of # litters per year..
@judysale23 @DavidBowles21 unscrupulous, high volume, profit motivated breeders, traders, distributors and rogue sellers, called puppy farms
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