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Some companies are misleading customers, saying they're cruelty-free. Read between the lines
VALENTINE'S DAY OFFER! Compassionate Shopping Guide £3.50 till 4pm on 11 Feb! (Usually £5)
Bribery and threats as oil companies hunt for oil in the Democratic Republic of Congo.…
Man Saves Money For 10 Years 2 Buy Ambulance For Homeless Pets Every one of us can make a difference #WorldAnimalDay
Here are the top 10 most cruel wildlife entertainment activities…
This Valentine's, choose a gift that sends a message. Only buy from cruelty-free companies!… When students speak out - At Rutgers University one graduate has reported methods used in experiments.
You might be surprised… Dog lovers sold a pup over animal welfare as banned pet shop owner takes delivery
“For the sake of their own commercial interests, the leading companies need to do more ...''…
“For the sake of their own commercial interests, the leading companies need to do more ...''… Meanwhile US county to debate limits for pet shops so they can only sell rescue / shelter dogs... click for video.
Interesting reader's letter published in US Midwest daily… Parallels in the UK / Europe we ask?
@feathersareus Great! Kingfisher is endorsed as cruelty-free and featured in our Compassionate Shopping Guide :)
Do you know if your toothpaste is cruelty-free? This is why you should!
Use the Compassionate Shopping Guide to find cruelty-free alternatives for your loved ones… Definining puppy farms, puppy farmers and what counts as trade.…… Brilliant as usual to see @LushCampaigns take the lead in speaking up on animals behalf. Thank you!… Thank goodness that pro dog behaviourists like Jo Cottrell are leading the way in rehabilitating damaged dogs.… The usual suspects listed as top for exploitation of animals through experiments.… Puppy trafficking focus in this national article, but note of course that UK dealers trade farmed puppies widely too… Suspicion of puppy farming linked to dog theft in Gloucestershire.… Misleading sale of farmed puppies investigated in Sussex.… Misleading sale of farmed puppies investigated in Sussex.
RT @myBotanicals: Our range is free from animal ingredients and listed in the @Naturewatch_org shopping guide #vega…
@ForgetMeNotAnim @the2wyatts Benefit's parent company has not confirmed a cruelty-free policy with us and are, therefore, not endorsed.
Clear, unequivocal statistics on global public opinion about animal testing.…
Shanghai scientists breed autism in to monkeys through experiment considered 'not viable'.…… Tox-21 robot replacing animal experiments with rapid in vitro testing. Some do "not have concerns about these animals at the present time" on puppy farming at Esholt but 6,000 disagree.
CSG prize draw update: £10 VOUCHER from MULONDON won by Liz Holliday, Worcestershire… Chance to influence the ivory trade by petitioning Yahoo to cease its sale.… US Agency for Science, Technology & Research: "animal testing may result in poor prediction of human toxicity "
Whether it's for you or for a loved one, this gift will also help animals in Lutsk, Ukraine
CSG prize draw update: PINK STUFF MIRACLE PASTE from STAR BRANDS won by Sarah B, Suffolk
CSG prize draw update: £10 VOUCHER from MULONDON won by Rosemary B, Northamptonshire… Outstanding interview with @SusieBSchnauzer take 10 to listen and then share. Well done @BBCWomansHour #puppylove
CSG prize draw update: 1KG BAG OF SOAP NUTS from ECOZONE won by E Hanson, Gloucs.
"Avon appoints new China GM to turn its fortunes around" Shop cruelty-free - SAY NO TO AVON!
Still buying L'Oreal, Unilever etc? Confused about how to shop cruelty-free? Let us help you
CSG prize draw update: ORGANIC MINI SPA SET from CONSCIOUS SKINCARE won by B Ormerod, Lancs.
Endorsed in our Compassionate Shopping Guide @EleganceNSC they are now also @vegsoc approved #crueltyfreebeauty
Main article from today's news here:…, and socialisation science:…… Please read, sign and share this petition to outlaw use of bolt guns to destroy dogs. Thank you.
Dogs as test subjects in China: abandonment, starvation, mutilation and murder.…
Another reason to use cruelty-free products - Using L'Oréal's Féria line..."ur hair will melt right..."… Such concern re welfare there's a local rally, but inspections show no problem. Missing piece of the puzzle perhaps?… Petition re. pups in shops below... thank you!
Pups in shops - bad for dogs & families. Please sign, share and see yesterday's post about Manchester equivalent...
Cleverly-worded to interpret misleading statements" title="" target="_blank"> & how to shop cruelty-free
Mud&rain are unavoidable aspects of winter and so it’s bath time with a cruelty-free shampoo
To make sure your daily choice doesn’t fuel further animal tests please shop cruelty-free
When you refuse to use animal tested products you are showing the world which issues matter
The No 1 Rule for an animal lover when shopping:Only give ur money to cruelty-free companies… pups farmed & sold through celeb endorsed shops in UK too..…… pups farmed & sold through celeb endorsed shops in UK too..…/22…/Wayne-Rooney-s-pet-shop-boy… manslaughter investigation after drug trial followed testing on chimpanzees.… Nearly there - just 1,000 signatures needed to reach this important target.
Just because a company sells a green product does not mean that it is a cruelty-free company… Some say socialisation isn't significant - that commercial puppy breeding is fine. It isn't, here's why. P/S!
RT @Puppy_Petition: Really????? 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠… whereas in the USA 100 communities have banned all sales of commercially bred puppies. Will UK ever begin?… Just a little way to go before this petition reaches its very worthy target.… Important and urgent petition - baby elephants in China in jeopardy… British public shouldn't be misled - puppy farming is happening across the UK too.
RT @CARIADCAMPAIGN: Every charity, org, even @DefraGovUK says puppy farming is cruel and wrong. So why is it still legal? #wheresmum https:…
CSG prize draw PINK STUFF miracle cleaner from STAR BRANDS won by Jenny H, Devon… Grossly poor science in wasteful animal experiments leads to misleading test results.
@GiovanniBrand Do you have a Fixed Cut Off Date cruelty-free policy in place?
Great interview to introduce the New Year, with Lush founder Mark Constantine:…
@akuawood Thank you! Hope you have a great 2016!
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thanks for your retweets to improve the lives of animals around the world!
Advent day 24: It's almost time to start thinking about our New Year's resolutions
Advent day 23: No time to order online for Christmas? Try these High Street brands!
ADVENT DAY 22: Read about the useless ban on FINISHED household products from Oct this year
CSG prize draw VEGAN GOODIES COLLECTION from SHEA BUTTER COTTAGE won by J Monument, Norfolk!
Advent day 21: Last minute gift? Try Aurelia Probiotic Skincare! Watch the video for info...… Really useful guide to cosmetic testing on animals regulation around the world
Please hold off before responding if you can - we want to share as much info as possible to get this just right.
Advent day 20:- last-minute Christmas shopping? Email for a mini Compassionate Shopping Guide
Advent day 19: Some Kao brands are sold in China (see link). Buy truly cruelty-free instead.
ADVENT DAY 18... 43 brands still NOT cruelty-free when Procter & Gamble sell to Coty in 2016
Welsh researchers defend their animal testing, but how many animal tests waste lives?…
US Bill on toxicity testing on animals moves forward - how about the UK picture?…
Should testing on animals be allowed? I voted NO in the @WalesOnline poll! Have your say:…
Advent day 17: Make your pets clean and fragrant for Christmas! Pretty good guidance from @OldhamChronicle on puppy buying dangers... Good breeders care about dogs' future.… The horrendous truth behind puppy supermarkets - from the USA. The UK has several similar large scale retailers...… EU Subsidies to registered, licensed puppy farms in the UK, and a chance to vote on a ban... click away everyone!
When this bear was in pain – how a Chinese hospital helped will amaze you #WorldAnimalDay…
When this bear was in pain – how a Chinese hospital helped will amaze you #WorldAnimalDay
Get it delivered in time for Christmas
Intelligent chickens, tested in labs because they're cheap and easily sourced, all for cheaper meat. #animaltesting… A stronger message on the perils of buying a dog at Christmas... #puppylove
Advent day 16: Read more about the ban on FINISHED products (not INGREDIENTS) on our website
The biggest study to date on trail hunting,reveals some shocking truths - Just 1% of hunts stick to legal guidelines…
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