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If you can ride it, hug it or have a selfie with a wild animal, then you can be sure it is cruel.…
Animal skins have no place in fashion #WordAnimalDay…
Leather alternative replaces animal skin with pineapple leaves in a very environmentally friendly way.…
Great Day for Animal Rights Activists, No more Chimpanzee in U.S.A labs…
Research found TripAdvisor was promoting 188 venues where animals experienced cruelty.…
Think Twice Before Visiting A Wildlife Attraction On Your Next Holiday
Please sign and share.
‘Ruthless and lucrative’ puppy farming trade worth up to £300m annually
Be aware that puppy dealers are increasingly knowledgeable regarding how to make their dealings look legitimate
RT @consciousface: So exciting! @Naturewatch_org filming today using our products to show you can look amazing by going cruelty free! https…
Green Party begins week long campaign to highlight benefits of EU membership for animal welfare…
@ForgetMeNotAnim Just sent you a PM on FB (too long for Twitter)...
@ipostparcels Already sorted via your lovely customer service :) Thanks anyway!
@ipostparcels order 375521: box picked up by wrong driver today. We cancelled yesterday. Label was another company's. Please contact us ASAP
@ipostparcels order 375521: box picked up by wrong driver today - we cancelled yesterday. Label is another company's. Please contact us ASAP
EXCITING OPPORTUNITY! Campaign Manager - Naturewatch Foundation, Cheltenham Closes: 25 April
@ForgetMeNotAnim just sent you a pm on FB!
Making these claims does not mean that a company isn't benefiting from testing outside EU
Unilever settles Suave Professionals hair loss case for US$10 mill Another reason to avoid.
Educational Seminar in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine: Natalie Sorokopud, Ukraine Rep, Naturewatch
@judysale23 @DavidBowles21 @RSPCA_official ... would lead to much much more enforcement activity than currently happening.
@judysale23 @DavidBowles21 @RSPCA_official ... then keep a full history of all evidence of unlicensed commercial selling...
@judysale23 @DavidBowles21 @RSPCA_official Good Q again Judy - best for public and campaigners to track local pup sales online and report,
@DavidBowles21 Is that correct @DefraGovUK? Nov '14 letter to all Councils not mandatory?
@DavidBowles21 @judysale23 @RSPCA_official ...and bad for volume breeders - hard to understand puppy farm deniers motives though.
@DavidBowles21 @judysale23 @RSPCA_official clear - puppy farming is profit motivated, volume breeding. Phrase is extremely good for dogs,
@DavidBowles21 @DefraGovUK Specifically refers to definition under HMRC badges of trade:…
@DavidBowles21 @DefraGovUK Not so - see DEFRA letter November 2014 to all Councils - any trade licensable regardless of # litters per year..
@judysale23 @DavidBowles21 unscrupulous, high volume, profit motivated breeders, traders, distributors and rogue sellers, called puppy farms
@judysale23 @DavidBowles21 small domestic breeders in to licensing system that's already failing dogs will just mean better business for...
@judysale23 @DavidBowles21 Good Q Judy - should be about whether breeding / selling is commercial according to @DefraGovUK... forcing... RSPCA reports 'no concern' over Yorkshire puppy farm.
Many labels are unclear on purpose! Use your purchasing power to only support #crueltyfree companies
Many labels are unclear on purpose! Use your purchasing power to only support #crueltyfree companies…
When you refuse to use animal tested products you are showing the world which issues matter.
Small changes can make a big difference
Excellent news from India - why test mice twice?
@dandiedinmont @DefraGovUK @pupaid Definitely agree that licensing every owner seems out of reach when so many slip through net already...
@dandiedinmont @DefraGovUK @pupaid Many reports of fake mums brought to mislead buyers tho' so needs to go further really...
@dandiedinmont @DefraGovUK @pupaid So - law, industry, enforcement and buyers... four areas which all need attention... Good luck Bev!
@dandiedinmont @DefraGovUK @pupaid Would be brilliant - we just haven't figured out how that could be enforced yet!
RT @Puppy_Petition: It appears the decision to issue a licence for Linton Pet Shop to sell puppies rests with just one person. So wrong. ht… Puppy farming... Who's responsible? Greens Australia call for better 'labelling' during puppy sales, and we agree.… Very timely article - the EFRA Select Committee call for evidence on the sale of pet animals closes tomorrow.… Some background on L'Oreal - see point ten for the animal testing workaround...
Bad news for Greyhound breeders = good news for dogs.… Crufts - Cavaliers
Crufts - West Highland White…
Significant petition - terriers down holes after foxes on National Trust land @HMRCgovuk no inspections yet? 23,000 puppy litters for sale online every day in UK...… Whatever your views on the EU, interesting article on law and projects for animal welfare across the continent.
Pet shops and the law - USA streets ahead of UK.…
Procedural failure in lab leads to additional harm for hamsters.…
Important petition led by Texas student, please sign.…… Tilford Puppy Farm murders 2014 - police decision to return firearms under review.
RT @Puppy_Petition: @WokinghamBC Proof the puppies at Linton Pet Shop come from puppy farms? Oh sorry, I mean 'licensed breeders''... http… Debate misses problem that removal of 130k dog adverts hides evidence needed to enforce law.… Watch this morning's Westminster debate on Puppy Farming and Selling live now... Review of human deaths in French drug trial after death of rats, mice, dogs and primates. Animal testing leads to human drug trials resulting in death for both.
Cardiologist explains how and why HIV and Alzheimers research on primates is redundant. Video from Arkansas puppy mill bust... how many more in UK?… Good news arrives for beagles, decades late.… No way of knowing how many farms in Britain and Ireland match this level of industrial cruelty to dogs.… University of York leading the way with alternatives to animal testing. @UniOfYork
Outdoor space provided for dogs at new US testing facility, but not so for UK dogs and puppies... #AnimalRights
BOTANICALS OFFER! Lemongrass Revitalising Body Balm ONLY £12.50 RRP £24.95 While stocks last
Great @BritishVets statement on puppy farming - P/S at weekend for 1,000s of puppy-mums none of us will ever meet.
RT @Puppy_Petition: 12,716 people think this is NOT an acceptable way to sell puppies. @WokinghamBC disagree.… htt…
In commercial puppy breeding, #MothersDay never comes. Link between puppy farming and drug dealing, plus discussion of farm diversification...
OFFER FROM MULONDON! Till 13/03/16 £4 off any cleanser Use this code in basket: SPRINGCLEAN… Northern Ireland increases maximum sentences for animal welfare crime from 3 months to 5 years...
From 14/11/14 any cosmetic imported into India has had to be cruelty-free. REVLON IS NOT.
French consumer group accuses L’Oréal, Unilever, Beirsdorf, P&G of selling ‘toxic’ products.
Estée Lauder test on animals. PLEASE SHOP CRUELTY-FREE INSTEAD! #CompassionateShoppingGuide
Multinationals continue to test on animals to develop new products to sell OUTSIDE of the EU When commercial dog breeding doesn't work out...… Australia looks to control import of products tested on animals.… Adopt dogs but if you don't, perfect description of why puppy breeding is never a suitable business… calls for India to stop experiments on dogs. Embarrassing for Brits breeding dogs for this purpose more and more.… Extra notes on how to help protect dogs by researching puppy sales thoroughly.
Let us make cruelty-free shopping easy for you with the Compassionate Shopping Guide!… More on... the European Chemical Agency's block on use of data from past tests... Great article! How absurd!
If we want to tackle puppy farming cruelty, let's focus on how those puppies are being sold...
The least these celebrities can do before they take the hefty paycheck is look into what they’re choosing to support…
Great article! All about the failure of animal experiments to prevent danger from medicine over the years.…
@Loreal So has L'Oreal adopted a Fixed Cut Off Date policy?… . Also, what about China..?…… ECHA blocks huge set of toxicity test results which would make some future experiments unnecessary.
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