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Show your beauty is more than skin deep

It’s a staggering reality that many people do not realise that, despite the EU Cosmetics Testing Ban, which came into force on 11th March 2013, multinational companies can continue to test on animals elsewhere in the world to develop new ingredients for new products to sell outside Europe.

The EU Cosmetics Testing Ban means that any company wishing to sell NEW cosmetic products within the EU must ensure that none of the ingredients, or finished products, have been tested on animals anywhere in the world.  The ban affects all cosmetics including toiletries and beauty products from soap to toothpaste.  (Please note: the ban does not apply to household products.)

Although the EU Cosmetics Testing Ban sends a strong message worldwide in support of cruelty free, it’s important to note that the ban only applies to NEW products, not those already on the shelves manufactured by companies we don’t endorse, such as L’Oreal. These products contain ingredients that have been tested on animals and profits from sales can be used to fund animal testing outside Europe.  On the plus side, we are hopeful that the ban will mean increased effort is put into developing and validating non-animal methods for the remaining animal tests.

What does the EU Cosmetics Testing Ban mean for the Animals?

It means that consumers’ money spent on products in the EU produced by multinational companies we don’t endorse, can still be used to fund animal testing elsewhere in the world, ban or no ban. These companies continue to be responsible for a deplorable level of torture and cruelty to innocent animals in order to increase their profits.

Plus, remember the Parent Company issue: even if a company says it's cruelty free and it's endorsed by other organisations, if it has a Parent Company that doesn't have a Fixed Cut-Off Date in place then it won't be endorsed by Naturewatch Foundation as cruelty free. The only way you can be sure your purchases are cruelty free is by using our Compassionate Shopping Guide.

Companies like L’Oreal are wasting no time in accelerating their expansion into China, the world’s second-biggest economy. For example, L’Oreal has acquired Chinese cosmetic companies in order to increase its grip on China’s £20 billion beauty market, at the cost of even more animals’ lives. Annually, in the region of 4,000 beauty products are introduced in China which translates into more than 300,000 animals suffering and dying in cruel tests on vanity products.

We are calling on you to help us step up the pressure.  Boycotting companies that continue to test on animals anywhere in the world and reducing their profits will send a very clear message we know they’ll understand - money talks!

Please don’t allow these profit-chasing companies to torture poor animals for the sake of vanity by misleading you.  With a copy of our Compassionate Shopping Guide in your hand, you can be sure you won’t be fooled into making the wrong choices.

Whilst you may well be aware of the truth of the matter, your family, friends and colleagues may not be. Convenience is a core factor in how we shop so the Naturewatch Foundation Compassionate Shopping Guide makes the perfect gift as it takes the effort out of cruelty free shopping.

Help your family, friends and colleagues join our boycott campaign and buy them a Compassionate Shopping Guide.

We will not rest until animal testing for cosmetic purposes is banned throughout the world. Animals should no longer be enduring horrific experiments in the name of vanity.

Please take a few minutes to make a donation and order some Compassionate Shopping Guides. Your kind support is sincerely appreciated and is vital to our work for the animals.

Every time you spend your money, you are casting a vote on the kind of world you want to live in- Anna Lappe