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Animal Welfare and Humane Attitude to Animals Education in Schools
27th June 2014
As part of Naturewatch Foundation’s education project to...
Help to clean the house
23rd June 2014
I have a confession to make...
The Top 10 Mistakes New Dog Owners Make
20th June 2014
You fell in love with a cute bundle of fur and brought it home...
DIY Green Tea Toner!
17th June 2014
Whether it’s moisturiser, shampoo or just a face toner....
“Please don’t make me bite you”: A dog’s eye view of dog bite prevention
12th June 2014
Dogs will do their part to prevent dog bites. All they need is a little help from us.
Do they or don’t they test on animals?
10th June 2014
Help is at hand to read between the lines...
How To Make A Doggie Ice Lick
06th June 2014
Fantastic Boredom Buster!
Dangerous Dog Laws have been updated – but will attacks stop?
05th June 2014
The recent updates to the dangerous dog laws, released on the 13th of May 2014...
The Forgotten Victims of the Conflict in Ukraine
03rd June 2014
Reports of the conflict in the Ukraine are making global headlines every day, including stories of political struggles,
Why do dogs attack? That is the question.
16th May 2014
Whilst Naturewatch welcomes the new laws on dangerous dogs...