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Our Friends at Animals’ Angels Launch New Website
24th June 2015
Sancho. Giulia. Mickey. Fallen animals are named and remembered...
5 Inspirational Messages for Animal Activists
17th June 2015
When we’re emotionally exhausted, we might feel pressure to numb...
The Pet Animals Act 1951 - Part 2
27th February 2015
It is wholly unacceptable to ignore scientific evidence and developments in understanding of animal behaviour ...
The Pet Animals Act 1951  - Part 1
17th February 2015
The introduction to the Pet Animals Act 1951 describes...
Paw Prints on Our Hearts
12th February 2015
A book published by our wonderful World Animal Day Ambassador
“1000 Flowers for the Planet” by Margaret Rowe
05th January 2015
In mid-2013, three seemingly unimportant things happened...
The Truth behind the Dirty Dozen Household Products
06th November 2014
So nobody likes doing the housework, but the worst part isn’t scrubbing the loo, or giving up a Saturday
11 things dog owners should never say
28th October 2014
If you've owned a dog, one of these phrases has probably slipped past your lips. Here's why it matters...
Greener Gloucestershire Festival
26th September 2014
Naturewatch Foundation are preparing for World Animal Day on 4th October
World Animal Day challenge
23rd September 2014
I invite you to make a connection with one animal on October 4th. Listen to my song I PROMISE YOU to get inspired to joi