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Badger Baiting in the UK

Our campaign aim is to bring an end to badger baiting, sett digging, illegal lamping, killing and other acts of cruelty towards badgers involving the use of dogs. 


These activities involve torturing badgers until death and they continue to be a thriving ‘sport’ across the UK.  Both the badgers and dogs suffer inconceivably painful injuries. 

Badger baiting involves sending small terrier-type dogs down setts to locate badgers and hold them at bay whilst baiters dig down.  Once exposed, the badgers are dragged from their nests and either baited there and then by a pack of savagely-trained dogs, or they are sold to underground baiting rings, earning someone in excess of £500.  

Lamping for badgers is another favoured pastime, with perpetrators choosing to stalk foraging badgers late at night before unleashing their dogs in terrifying and gruesome combat. 

One way or another, the badgers always die.  In addition to their horrific injuries from being viciously attacked by dogs, they are also often deliberately wounded by the baiters in order to guarantee a longer fight by breaking their jaw, teeth or even a foot.   

If the dogs survive, rather than receiving veterinary treatment for their open gashes, ripped ears and lips, and any other unimaginable injuries, they are stitched up by their owners without pain relief or anaesthetic; or they are killed. 


 For badger baiters, this is entertainment.

The outcome we are aiming for is to see more perpetrators are brought before the courts.

To achieve this we are delivering training courses on badger persecution to police forces across England and Wales, whilst also conducting our own investigations into badger crime, passing any evidence we uncover to the police for prosecution.


Please donate whatever you can – we need your help to make this possible!  Badgers are one of our national treasures, and are tragically facing the most brutal and unjust persecution from both criminals and the government.  They need your protection more than ever!