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2017 Strategy to end Badger Baiting

The badgers in our countryside desperately need your help to protect them - they are one of our national treasures, and are tragically facing the most brutal and unjust persecution from both criminals and the government. 

Our goal is to bring the barbaric ‘sport’ of badger baiting to an end and see the perpetrators put behind bars.  To achieve this, we are applying a two-pronged approach:

1) ACCREDITED BADGER PERSECUTION POLICE TRAINING:  Naturewatch Foundation and the Badger Trust have joined forces to deliver accredited training courses to police forces across the UK.

Control Room Officers, Intelligence Officers, Wildlife Crime Officers and Senior Officers all play a significant role in fighting badger crime and it’s essential they all receive the training and learn how to fulfil their responsibilities towards protecting badgers. 

The one-day course will cover:

  • Badger ecology, behaviour and habitats to enable police to recognise unusual activity and identify active badger setts.
  • How to best use legislation to protect badgers.
  • How to act as an expert witness in court to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that an active badger sett was interfered with, or that a person had wilfully killed, injured or taken, or attempted to kill, injure or take a badger.
  • How to investigate a crime scene and properly gather, record, keep and present evidence that will stand up in court and lead to a successful prosecution.
  • How to work with key partner organisations like Naturewatch Foundation and the Badger Trust.

2) INVESTIGATION: Working with ex-police officers and military-trained investigators, we will gather evidence of badger baiting and digging activity.  We will then pass on any evidence to the police for investigation, with the aim of bringing badger baiters before the courts.  To ensure the police know how to properly handle our evidence and conduct the investigation in the correct manner with the resources and senior support they need, the police force involved in the case will have received our police training course in preparation. 


Please donate whatever you can towards these two vital projects.  Badgers need your protection more than ever!