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Badger Baiting - Take Action

Please join our wonderful patrons and take action to help make the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 worth more than just the paper it’s written on. 

Video Editor, Jonathan ​Lazenby 

Do you know wildlife crimes go unpunished simply because the Home Office does not know the full scale or nature of the problem? 

Current recording methods are proving to be inadequate and ineffective, and subsequently our wild animals are dying.
Thanks to ground-breaking research recently published by Wildlife and Countryside Link, the Government has been presented with a compelling case proving the need to effectively record and monitor wildlife crime.  

Please speak up for badgers and lobby for a simple administrative change that will literally save thousands of lives. 

While the report is fresh in their minds, now is the time take action!  

Your support will help to better equip police forces to bring more badger baiters before the courts. It will also enable us to spend more time on our own investigations into badger baiting rings. 

Sadly, violent acts of cruelty towards badgers are commonplace and many perpetrators go unpunished – your donation will help change this!