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How can I lobby companies to become cruelty-free?

As a consumer, your voice is louder than you think!  Please visit our Lobbying Industry page to find out how and download a sample letter to send to companies.

We’d love to see you getting involved and lobbying for changes to animal welfare legislation or contacting companies to voice your concern regarding their policy.

Here is how you can do it...


Boycott The Body Shop

The latest development in our long-standing campaign against The Body Shop is an announcement that L'Oréal is no longer going to be their parent company. Yesterday, a Brazilian beauty products maker Natura Cosméticos SA signed the purchase of The Body Shop International PLC. 

"The proposed sale is subject to clearance by anti-trust authorities notably in Brazil and in the United States, and expected to close during 2017," the statement added.

L’Oréal blames 'adverse trading conditions' for the The Body Shop's disappointing sales. However, since its takeover by L’Oréal in 2006, well-informed shoppers have become increasingly suspicious of the brand's 'ethical' message. Naturewatch Foundation supporters have been invaluable in helping spread the word that the parent company counts.

This sale confirms that consumer power is a force to be reckoned with, especially when double standards are employed. 

While we are waiting for the deal to finalise, we are currently investigating The Body Shop's future parent company, Natura, and we will publish an update in due course.

Please remember that many other brands are in a similar situation. They advertise themselves as being cruelty-free, yet their profits go to a parent company that continues to benefit from animal testing for cosmetic purposes. In the meantime, it is the animals that suffer and it's completely unnecessary.

To find out more, please refer to your Compassionate Shopping Guide, which includes the name of the parent company when applicable.