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How can I lobby companies to become cruelty-free?

As a consumer, your voice is louder than you think!  Please visit our Lobbying Industry page to find out how and download a sample letter to send to companies.

We’d love to see you getting involved and lobbying for changes to animal welfare legislation or contacting companies to voice your concern regarding their policy.

Here is how you can do it...


Boycott The Body Shop

DON’T BE FOOLED into thinking that now the EU Cosmetic Testing Ban is in force you can once again purchase from The Body Shop with a clear conscience. It’s quite the opposite, it’s now more important than ever to Boycott The Body Shop!

The Body Shop is fooling its customers into thinking they are purchasing cruelty free products when its parent company L'Oréal, the largest cosmetics and beauty company in the world, continues to profit from animal testing outside Europe.

There’s no getting away from the fact that purchases made at The Body Shop boost the profits of L’Oréal, its parent company – as is clearly seen in L’Oréal’s Annual Financial Report.

The Body Shop is proving time and time again that it really is 'worth it' for L’Oréal.  The media has reported that it handed over a dividend of £39.9 million in July 2013, and in 2014 its dividend contribution totaled £21.5 million. Read article here.

Profits made by The Body Shop DO benefit L’Oréal and can, indirectly, be used to fund the activities of L’Oréal, which includes testing on animals and funding its own research facility in China!

During a press conference held in Beijing, L’Oréal Chairman & CEO Jean-Paul Agon emphasised the positioning of China as the company’s key market in the coming years. L’Oréal’s recent 2013 Q1 report revealed that its revenue from sales in China helped raise earnings above expectation, which further reinforces the importance of mainland China as a growth opportunity for the cosmetics giant.

Although the EU ban sends a strong message in support of cruelty free beauty, it’s simply not enough to stop multi-national organisations like L’Oréal from developing ‘revolutionary new ingredients’ to maximise profits. However, we can step up the pressure by boycotting The Body Shop to help send a clear message to L'Oréal: we won’t rest until animal testing for cosmetics is relegated to the dustbin of history throughout the world!

And L'Oréal aren't only deceiving those who care about animals.  They have recently been charged by the US Federal Trade Commission of deceiving their own customers by making false and unsustainable claims about their products in their advertising campaigns that encompassed print, radio, television, the internet and social media platforms.  Using their powerful advertising influences, L'Oréal lured trusting customers to spend huge amounts of money on their anti-aging cream under false pretences.  Read article here

It seems L'Oréal respects no boundaries when it comes to profit making.  They don't care who they deceive, as long as they can get you to part with your money.

Your purchasing power is the Achilles heel of all companies.  They all respect one simple ethic - where you spend your money!

If you don’t want your money funding animal testing outside Europe then you need a copy of the Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide. The Naturewatch guide is unique as no other organisation takes into consideration the policy of the parent company. For a company to be endorsed as cruelty free by Naturewatch, its parent company must also have a Fixed Cut-Off Date Animal Testing Policy in place.

Buy your copy of the latest Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide today to find out which companies are saying they don’t test on animals yet they are owned by giants like L’Oréal - it’s only £5.00.

YOU have the power to make a difference for the animals every time you make a purchase. The Animals Are Worth It!



  • Boycott The Body Shop 

Use your puchasing power to send a strong message to The Body Shop and L'Oréal 

  • Write to The Body Shop 

Click here for a sample email/letter you can send to The Body Shop. Contact details, both email and postal addresses can be found on company website.

  • Write to L'Oréal

Click here for a sample email/letter you can send to L'Oréal. Contact details, both email and postal addresses can be found on company website.