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Education Programme

As well as rescuing and treating abandoned animals, it’s also very important that the root of the problem is addressed through education.  Therefore, implementing an education programme and promoting responsible pet ownership in schools and universities is essential. 

By educating the next generation of pet carers, we are ensuring the sustainability of our programme to reduce stray animal populations in Ukraine for the long-term.  Young people are now being taught to respect animals as sentient beings and how to responsibly care for their pets.  Naturewatch Foundation and its team of representatives in Ukraine have developed and launched a nationwide education programme. 

Following Teacher Training Seminars and Workshops in Kiev, Lviv, Lutsk and Mikolaiv, Phase One of our education programme was extensively trialled in these cities where it was very well received by teachers.  So far, approximately 4,426 teachers in 1,346 primary schools in these four cities have undertaken our training programme (these statistics were current at the end of 2015 and will be updated shortly) and are using our training manuals to integrate humane education into lesson plans.  Feedback has been excellent leading to all four cities officially committing to incorporate it into their Primary School Curriculums on a permanent basis.

Primary school teacher, Tetyana Kolyada, says: “The Teacher Training Pack is exactly what we needed, it’s full of useful material. This is the first time I’ve been supplied with the tools I need to help educate the children as responsible and kind animal owners.”






Click here for more information about Phase One of our Education Programme, including a selection of images. 

Feedback from teachers and pupils led to the development of a set of three children’s text books (‘Companion Animals’, ‘Farm Animals’, and ‘Wild Animals’) for use in the classroom.  In early September 2015, we printed 100 copies of each of the three books and they were trialled in selected schools, where they were an immediate success.  Using colourful illustrations and creative exercises, children will enjoy using our books to learn how to care for and respect animals as sentient beings. 

A primary school pupil says: “I’m really enjoying learning about animals and how to care for them properly.







Click here to view more images of our set of three children’s text books (‘Companion Animals’, ‘Farm Animals’, and ‘Wild Animals’) being trialled in a primary school in September 2015. 

Furthermore, Ukraine’s Ministry of Education is considering the inclusion of our animal welfare education materials in their ‘Innovations in Education Programme’. To assist them in their decision, the Ministry has asked us to conduct Education Workshops for the Post Graduate Teacher Training Institutes in more regions of Ukraine.

We have used all the funds raised for this campaign to start conducting more Education Seminars/Workshops as requested by Ukraine’s Ministry of Education. You can read more about these Seminar/Workshops by clicking the following links: Kyiv, Lviv, MelitopolMikolaiv and Brody.

As you can see we have already made a great start, but now your help is needed to build and expand our programme to even more cities in Ukraine.

Please make a donation today to help:

  • expand our Education Programme by holding a series of Teacher Training Workshops in cities throughout Ukraine (as requested by Ukraine’s Ministry of Education);
  • revise our Teacher Training Packs (3 books) and publish the 2nd edition;
  • print more copies of our set of children’s books for use in the classrooms of primary schools.

A great deal of work is waiting to be done and representatives in Ukraine are ready and willing, but we need your assistance to make it possible.