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Kiev Region

In order to continue building and expanding our educational work in the Kiev region, we held a seminar at the Regional Kiev Teacher Training Institute in Bila Tserkva in March 2016 about the necessity and benefits of implementing a programme to cultivate respect and sensitivity towards animals into Ukraine’s Educational System.

The Seminar was organised by Oleksandr Bogachyk, with the help and support of Natalie Sorokopud on the day.  Both Oleksandr and Natalie are representatives of Naturewatch Foundation in Ukraine.

The Workshop was attended by 20 delegates:

  • Staff of the Regional Post Graduate Teacher Training Institutes in Lviv, Kiev and Mukolaiv
  • Teachers who are already implementing our Humane Education Programme
  • Teachers from the school in Bila Tserkva who kindly made time to trial our Teacher Packs and Childrens Classroom Books
  • Representatives from the National Pedagogical University in Kiev
  • Laska animal shelter in Lutsk
  • Lutsk City Education Department
  • Kiev Ministry of Education
  • Naturewatch Foundation including the authors and illustrators of our Teacher Packs.

Introduction to the workshop:

Research shows that education and increased awareness about animal welfare is slowly swaying the attitudes of people towards treating animals in a humane and compassionate way.  Many countries recognise that in order to be successful in changing the attitude of people towards animals for the long term, the best time for accepting this is during childhood. Through education in Ukraine, we can create a new culture of respect and sensitivity towards the country’s animals and nature.

Agenda included:

  • Presentations by Oleksandr Bogachyk, Naturewatch Foundation, about our education programme including our Teacher Training Pack for Primary Schools and Children’s Classroom Books.  The books were developed on our behalf by Oleksandr Bogachyk and Olena Melnichenko and have been trialled by a school in Bila Tserkva.  The positive impact of the books has already been shown by the classes involved.  The children are fascinated with the material and they enthusiastically complete the tasks, discuss what they have learned and show how they help animals and nature in their day-to-day life.
  • Feedback presentations on our Teacher Training Pack for Primary Schools (3 books – Pets, Farm Animals and Wild Animals) and Children’s Classroom books.
  • A series of masterclasses on presenting our programme in the classroom.
  • Discussion about the next steps to be taken.
  • Presentation of our plan for developing the education programme in Ukraine.


The seminar went very well with our education programme receiving outstanding recommendations from everyone attending, including experts from Ukraine’s Ministry of Education.  This resulted in our books and programme gaining official approval by the Kiev Regional Academy of In-Service Education.  Ludmila Teletska and Svitlana Tarnavska, representing Ukraine’s Ministry of Education, were both very impressed by the programme.  Ludmila is also a member of the ministry’s working group to improve the country’s education system and has promised to help with future development of the programme with the Ministry of Education and within Universities.

We are extremely pleased that the seminar achieved our aim to successfully raise the profile, value and necessity of incorporating our programme into the country’s education curriculum by showing the importance and benefits of addressing this issue with the younger generation.  

Our presentations also showed how important it is to educate the younger generation about the needs and welfare of animals if Ukraine wants to see a long term reduction in the number of stray animals.  Being a responsible pet owner is key to achieving this goal.

What a few of the delegates had to say:

Nina Novikova – PhD pedagogical sciences, Head of Natural and Mathematical Sciences Department of Lviv Regional Institute of Post Graduate Teacher Education. 
We have started work with Humane Education and now have some experience. We can say that Humane Education has good potential and is a useful part of the pedagogical professional development... ”

Alla Sederevichene – Head of Primary School Department of Kiev Regional Academy of In-Service Education.
We have been working with Olexandr Bogachyk for several years and get good feedback from teachers who attend his Humane Education lectures. We are ready to continue our collaboration...”

Tetyana Varenuk – Methodist of Primary School Laboratory of Mukolaiv Regional Institute of Post Graduate Teacher Education.
I first encountered Humane Education in 2014 and understand that this subject has good potential in education. Between 2014 and 2016 we have passed the information on to about 1,500 teachers via the  cascade training method…

Tetyana Kolyada – Teacher of the Highest Category, Bila Tserkva School 18.
I’m teacher of the Primary School and this age of children is very important for their development in the future. I trialled the Humane Education Teacher Pack, written by Oleksandr Bogachyk and Olena Melnichenko and sponsored Naturewatch Foundation, in my class.  I can say that these resources are very interesting and useful and I use it in different subjects. My children enjoy it very much and are always keen to use it...

Ludmila Klush – Deputy Head of the Lutsk City Education Department.
Thank you for inviting me to participate in this Seminar. It was a very useful and professionally organized event from which I’ve gained a great deal of interesting information and learned from the experiences of colleagues...

Ludmila Teletska – PhD biological sciences, Doctor of Padagogic and Methods of Primary School Education Department of the Institute of Padagogic and Psychology of the National Pedagogical University.
When Oleksandr Bogachyk invited me to participate in the Seminar I wasn’t sure but he convinced me and now I see I made right choice.  This education direction has good potential especially by integration method as element of different subjects in the Primary School Curriculum...”

Alla Draganova – Primary School teacher of the Pervomaysk School 12, Mikolaiv Region
I’m thankful to the organisers for such an inspiring and very well organised Seminar. I’ve gained a great deal of new experience and also had the opportunity to present my achievements in Humane Education.  Now I understand why it’s important for us to continue developing Humane Education in Ukraine…. ”

Into the future……………

Naturewatch Foundation is committed to developing its Humane Education Programme in Ukraine and we already have plans in place to build our strategy based upon previous experience.   

We will continue to work with the Teacher Training Institutes with whom we are already working; begin working with cities that are genuinely keen to introduce a programme into the curriculums of the schools within their regions; attract other cities by galvanising the help and support of Institutes that are already involved.

This approach will gradually build participation throughout the country until it reaches a point where the remaining cities cannot ignore it.  Although this process will take time, once we reach the critical point it will be irreversible.

The seminar in Bila Tserkva, Kiev Region, Ukraine, is just one small part of the massive amount of work ahead of us, but we know that with your help we can make Ukraine a better place for animals.  

Read an overview of our Education Programme in Ukraine.

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