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We provide realistic and unbiased advice in the form of training courses and practical workshops aimed at everyone working within stray animal management.  Our programmes are endorsed by the largest animal welfare organisations in the world and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OiE)

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Stray Animal Management Training in Lviv

In Lviv, a one-day seminar for the city's municipal workers and dog catchers who work in the region’s small towns and villages was held by Naturewatch Foundation in May 2016 in order to introduce the basic principles of implementing a humane stray animal programme.

The seminar was presented on behalf of Naturewatch Foundation by Brian Faulkner, stray control expert. Natalie Sorokopud, Naturewatch Foundation representative translated for Mr Faulkner.

The seminar in Lviv was held after carrying out a 6-day training programme in Lutsk aimed at improving animal welfare practices in the city.  Read more about this 

 Both training initiatives were paid for using the all the funds we have raised for this campaign and so we would be delighted if you could make a donation to allow us to continue our work in Ukraine. Thank you in advance. Make a donation 

Invitations were sent to all towns within the region and selected representatives of NGOs were also invited. This was the first event of its type to be held in the region and it’s had an enormous impact.  This is mainly due to the fact that in many of the small towns and villages, nobody had the necessary knowledge to deal with stray animals properly and had no idea how cities deal with the problem.  It’s true to say that stray animals in the smaller towns is sometimes an even bigger issue than in cities and so with one seminar we were able to reach the whole region and sow seeds of hope for the future.

The seminar was organised and held by Naturewatch Foundation in Lviv with the support of Andriy Kurach (Director, Lviv Municipal Animal Shelter) and Oleksiy Balitsky (Lviv Regional Deputy Mayor).

We gathered 18 delegates from 6 towns in the Lviv region for a seminar on humane stray animal control which was led by Mr Brian Faulkner, our stray animal control expert. The seminar took place in Lviv’s Regional Conference Centre. Representatives of municipalities and NGOs listened to three presentations: “Elements of an Animal Control Programme”, “Shelter Management” and “Humane Dog Catching”.

The following delegates attended the Seminar:

1.       Roman Spodaryk, deputy mayor, city of Brody
2.       Grigory Skoryk, manager, Brody Municipal Animal Shelter
3.       Oksana Koshak, manager, Lviv Municipal Animal Shelter (“Lev”)
4.       Oleksandr Lapenko, employee, Lviv Municipal Animal Shelter (“Lev”)
5.       Andriy Lapenko, dog catcher, Lviv Municipal Animal Shelter (“Lev”)
6.       Josip Korol, dog catcher, Lviv Municipal Animal Shelter (“Lev”)
7.       Myroslav Moroz, dog catcher/driver, Lviv Municipal Animal Shelter (“Lev”)
8.       Natalia Lelik, dog trainer, Lviv
9.       Lyubov Kovalchuk, volunteer, Lviv
10.   Iryna Malyshko, employee, Lviv Municipal Animal Shelter (“Lev”)
11.   Maryna Putilina, volunteer, Lviv
12.   Juriy Gukasian, dog catcher, Lviv Municipal Animal Shelter (“Lev”)
13.   Volodymyr Mishenchuk, volunteer, Lviv
14.   Volodymyr Rubak, manager, Chervonograd Municipal Animal Shelter
15.   Maria Voloshchuk , volunteer, Truskavets
16.   Natalia Solovchuk, volunteer, Boryslav
17.   Tetiana Kovaliv, volunteer, Sokal
18.   Victoria Kovalchuk, volunteer, Chervonograd

All the delegates played an active role in the seminar by asking lots of questions and were very keen to discuss ways of improving the stray animal situation in their towns.  After the seminar, Brian Faulkner and some of the delegates visited the Lviv Municipal Animal Shelter which is managed by Oksana Koshak.  Under the direction of Andriy Kurach, the Lviv shelter is in the process of reconstructing enclosures, purchasing new equipment and reviewing the way the shelter operates.  Oksana asked Brian for recommendations regarding many aspects of shelter management.  

The Lviv Stray Dog Control Workshop specifically covered:

  • The domestic dog: Physiology, behaviour, body language
  • Safe and correct animal catching and handling techniques
  • Various humane stray animal control methods - the positives and negatives of each – making it clear that chemical capture is the last resort
  • The necessity to address the source of the problem of stray animals and how to achieve this goal
  • How to create a programme of stray dog management and what elements it needs to contain including how to conduct assessments of the city’s stray dog situation/population

We are extremely hopeful that this seminar will be the starting point towards the implementation of humane stray animal control programmes in all towns within the Lviv region.

As you can see above, every penny we raised was put to good use. By making a donation now you ensure that our work in Ukraine will continue.Thank you in advance. Make a Donation 

We provide realistic and unbiased advice in the form of training courses and practical workshops aimed at everyone working within stray animal management.  Our programmes are endorsed by the largest animal welfare organisations in the world and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OiE), which is the competent international authority on any animal welfare matters.