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Helping stray animals in Lutsk

A Co-operation Agreement was signed between Lutsk City Council and Naturewatch Foundation in October 2014, paving the way for us to oversee the implementation of a humane stray control management programme for the city, which is headed by Dana Novarchuk. Read more

Dana heads the ‘Volyn Society for Protection of Animals’ and works closely with the city authorities, running the municipality stray animal management programme, and the associated Laska animal rescue shelter.

With help from approximately 100 volunteers, many of the dogs rescued from the streets are rehomed, or they are returned to the streets under a guardian scheme after being spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  Dana has also cultivated a very good relationship with the local radio, TV, and print media who not only help find homes for the shelter dogs, but also help promote responsible pet ownership. 

The Laska team go above and beyond the call of duty to help abandoned animals in their city. Their shelter, originally built using discarded building materials and unwanted furniture proves that.  Every day, Dana and her dedicated team spend hours rescuing and treating sick, injured and abused animals, using additional patience and compassion to help those that are frightened.

Following two appeals to you for help, we have carried out dog counts, training courses, sought a new rescue vehicle, transformed the shelters veterinary clinic with state-in-the-art equipment and provided many months’ worth of veterinary medicines.  

“Every day we receive calls for help, and thanks to the new rescue vehicle we can get there in good time.  Also thanks to the cages and veterinary equipment, we can transport the animals safely and provide any necessary treatment quickly.
“Laska” and Lutsk citizen are very grateful to you for your support. Thanks to you we rescue animals in Lutsk faster and more effectively.  The equipment provided by Naturewatch Foundation helps us easily diagnose disease early. When rescuing animals every minute counts, so the endoscope, microscope, otoscope, surgical lamp and veterinary medicines are our mostly-used means of saving lives. 
We work without days-off, we rescue animals day and night.  We could not save so many lives without your help, so thank you!”
 Dana Novarchuk 



Over the last six months, 322 animals have been rescued by Dana and her team.  Sixteen of those were abandoned outside of the shelter, 96 were brought into the shelter by members of the public and the remainder were stray animals rescued from the streets.  Eighty-nine of those animals required veterinary treatment using their new state-of-the-art equipment, and 152 dogs have been spayed or neutered ready for rehoming or to be released back onto the streets under the Laska Guardian Scheme.

Between May 2015 and May 2016, you helped save the lives of 1,486 dogs in Lutsk. 437 dogs were sick/injured when rescued, many of them have found new loving homes and 1,049 dogs were released into the Laska Guardian Scheme after being treated and sterilised.

From 1st January 2015 to 30th September 2015, 1014 animals were rescued, 898 were rehomed and 43 dogs were returned to the streets under the Laska Guardian Scheme.    

In 2014, 1749 animals were rescued with 1027 being rehomed and 115 dogs were returned to the streets under the Laska Guardian Scheme. 

Click here to see some photos and read some stories about dogs you’ve helped to rescue.  

Laska operates a Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release programme to help reduce the city’s stray dog population, releasing the dogs back on the streets under a Guardian Scheme. This means all released dogs are cared for by volunteers – they receive food, water, vaccinations and flea and worm treatments to ensure they remain healthy and safe whilst they live out their natural lives on the city’s streets. Only carefully selected, suitable dogs are entered into this scheme and only when they have fully recovered from their ordeal, have been vaccinated and sterilised.

They have 100 volunteers who are appointed as ‘dog guardians’ in the city.  Ten of the volunteers supervise one district each.  Each supervisor has about 10 volunteers who work with them in their district which ensures the entire city is covered.
70 dogs are cared for on the streets by ‘guardians’.

Each of the ten districts cares for 10 to 40 dogs with the average being 15 to 20 dogs.

Your generous response continues to help save the lives of abandoned dogs in Lutsk by providing essential veterinary equipment and medicines.  Having made do with old, second hand apparatus for many years, the new clinic enables them to carry out their life-saving work much more efficiently and effectively in a sterile, and therefore much safer, environment for the animals.

Dana and her committed team are incredibly grateful to you for your help so far and they really hope you will be willing to help them save the lives of even more animals. 






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