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​Cruelty-free Updates

To make it easier for cruelty-free shoppers to keep up to date with the recent changes since the 14th edition of The Compassionate Shopping Guide, we are now publishing this online update. This will inform you of the new endorsements and which companies have had their cruelty-free status removed and the reason behind this decision.

Newly Endorsed – pleased to announce that the following companies are now endorsed by Naturewatch Foundation.



No longer endorsed

Since the current guide was launched, we have to announce that, unfortunately, Dermalogica. Bulldog, Periproducts and Urtekram are no longer endorsed due to parent company takeover.  

In light of the announcement towards the end of last year that multinational SC Johnson is in the process of buying Ecover, and its sister brand Method, Naturewatch Foundation has withdrawn their endorsement. Although the purchase is still subject to regulatory approvals, we understand that its unlikely to be refused. The same also applies to Arbonne International as Group Rocher has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the company. 

What if a company I want to buy from isn’t in the Guide nor included in the online update– what can I do?

As a consumer, companies will listen to you so please write them a letter. 

Here’s a template letter:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: Your Animal Testing Policy

I have recently come across your products and would be interested in trying them. However, I follow a strict rule that I will only use products that are proven to be cruelty-free.

​I will appreciate if you can answer the following questions:

- Do you have a cruelty-free policy set in place? If so, what is your Fixed Cut Off Date?

- Do you sell your products outside of the UK?

- Do you have a parent company? If yes, please specify the name and contact details

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you will pursue endorsement from Naturewatch Foundation and feature in their cruelty free Compassionate Shopping Guide.

Yours faithfully​

Please forward copies of any replies you receive to

Thank you!