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Would you like to organise a fundraising event for Naturewatch? If so, you might like to try one of our fundraising ideas to get you started. If you have an original idea that works well, please let us know about.

The key to fundraising is to use all your contacts – make a list of absolutely everybody that you know, and tell them what you are doing. You could write and send out a circular letter to those that you don’t see on a regular basis. Think about targeting large groups of people, or ask friends who work for large companies if they would be willing to pass around your sponsorship form. Are you involved in a local sports club or interest group? You could arrange fundraising events with them, or perhaps you could go back to your old school or your child’s school, and involve the teachers and pupils.

Remember, publicity is the key word. Whatever you decide to do, however small, tell the press, and contact your local radio station. Get as much publicity as you possibly can. Have fun – and good luck!

You choose where the funds you raise are spent

When your fundraising event is over and you are ready to send the proceeds to Naturewatch, we ask you to decide which issue covered by Naturewatch or Naturewatch Foundation should benefit from all your hard work – there are a number of different causes to choose from. Please contact us and we will let you know what the options are, as some of our work is undertaken by Naturewatch Foundation which is the charitable arm of Naturewatch.

Sponsorship form

If you are planning to hold a sponsored event, such as a sponsored dog walk, run, cycle ride, swim or silence, we can provide you with a sponsorship form tailored for your fundraising event which you can then photocopy as many times as you like.

Let us know your name, address and telephone number, what type of event you are organising, where it will take place, the time it will start and any other relevant information – send all that information to an email to us at