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Show your beauty is more than skin deep

As consumers, we can make a difference. By ensuring our shopping is compassionate and cruelty-free, we can save animals from experiments, imprisonment, pain and suffering! We have the choice to support cruelty-free companies and persuade other companies to become cruelty-free too! To guide shoppers through the maze of cruelty-free claims, Naturewatch Foundation is delighted to produce a Compassionate Shopping Guide online. Towards the end of 2021, we will also release an updated paper version.

Naturewatch Foundation has published a cruelty-free shopping guide for over 25 years. Our team and volunteers work incredibly hard, contacting and researching companies to keep the Compassionate Shopping Guide up to date. Recognising that many people are online, in 2020 Naturewatch Foundation invested in a new dedicated Compassionate Shopping Guide website. The guide is now easily readable on a smartphone when you’re shopping!

We want everyone to be able to find cruelty-free advice, so our new comprehensive online guide is free for both featured brands and shoppers. We are grateful for any donations to help fund this important improvement.

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Naturewatch Foundation prides itself on having the strictest of cruelty-free standards. Our team have contacted hundreds of personal care and household cleaning brands to ensure they:

1. Have a fixed cut-off date for animal testing,

2. Are not owned by another company or are part of a subsidiary that tests on animals,

3. Do not export to sell in Chinese mainland shops, where mandatory animal testing is still required by law.

We can’t campaign against animal testing without your support. We are relentlessly committed to ending the needless torture of mice, rabbits, dogs, cats and many other species for experiments and product testing.

Brick by brick, we’re dismantling the system that allows animal testing to continue today.

Please support our work today and together we will end animal testing – forever.

Thank you so much for helping Naturewatch Foundation make a real difference in the lives of animals and thank you for shopping compassionately!