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Ecover and Method’s dirty links to animal testing

Ecover and Method have been dropped from Naturewatch Foundation’s Compassionate Shopping Guide. The two brands are newly affiliated with a company that manufactures and sells animal tested products, and their cruelty-free credibility has been lost as a result.

You may have heard the news that household cleaning brands Ecover and Method are in the process of being bought out by a multinational mega company called SC Johnson.

SC Johnson, also the parent company of many brands including Duck, Glade, Pledge and Mr Muscle, openly admit to manufacturing and selling household products that are tested on animals.

2 Minute Action: Tell Ecover and Method to stand up for animals 

Naturewatch Foundation’s Compassionate Shopping Guide one of the world's strictest cruelty-free endorsement schemes. We consider the animal testing policy of cosmetic, personal care and household products, including the policy of the parent company. If there is a risk of profits being used to fund animal testing, we will not endorse them.

But all is not lost for Ecover and Method.

Twelve years ago, L’Oréal infamously acquired The Body Shop. The cruelty-free subsidiary and the cruel parent company proclaimed they shared hope for a cruelty-free world. But L’Oréal products continued to be routinely tested on animals, and The Body Shop’s reputation - and profits - plummeted.

Will the same story play out for Ecover and Method?

Or will they be the ones who can convince a cruel parent company to change its ways and end animal testing?

Naturewatch Foundation is calling on Ecover and Method to use their new position of influence with SC Johnson to convince them to stop all commissioning or conducting of animal tests across their entire range of products. 

Until then, we are asking compassionate consumers to boycott all SC Johnson brands, including Ecover and Method, until the entire company is cruelty-free.