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Ecover and Method’s dirty links to animal testing

In 2018, Ecover and Method were dropped from Naturewatch Foundation’s Compassionate Shopping Guide. The two brands, known together as ‘People Against Dirty’ were bought by a company that manufactures and sells animal tested products, and their cruelty-free credibility was lost as a result.

Their new owners, SC Johnson, also the parent company of many brands including Duck, Glade, Pledge and Mr Muscle, openly admit to manufacturing and selling household products that are tested on animals.

Speak up for animals – join the People Against Dirty boycott today!

Tell Ecover and Method to stand up for animals. If you haven't done so already, please ask them to influence SC Johnson from within...

Hundreds of people, like you, have joined the campaign urging Ecover and Method to come clean about their new ownership and have also asked compassionate stockists to drop the products from their range.

Thank you for your support for this campaign. Brilliantly, many smaller stockists did, and continue to, respond by taking Ecover and Method from their shelves. The big six stockists have, sadly, declined to take action.

One stockist responded to our campaign saying: "Ecover made millions from small ethical shops like us, now they've ditched their ethics so we've ditched them!"

Find out which stockists have pledged to ditch Ecover and Method products from their range.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great alternatives such as: Astonish, Clarity, ECOS (Earth Friendly Products), Ecoleaf, Ecozone, Faith in Nature, Home Scents and Violets, Humblestuff, Star Brands and others. We hope that compassionate shoppers will look to these ethical brands when purchasing cleaning products!

Thank you again for your support of the People Against Dirty campaign and for taking action. If your local cruelty-free stockists still sell Ecover and Method, do let them know about the parent company issue – and do get in touch if you would like leaflets with more information!

While the Ecover and Method websites continue to publicise their historical values and principles; their actual company ownership is still missing from their websites! The omission that SC Johnson owns them is outrageous.

You can still take action by contacting Ecover and Method asking them to be open and transparent to their customers!



Naturewatch Foundation’s Compassionate Shopping Guide is one of the world's strictest cruelty-free endorsement schemes. We consider the animal testing policy of cosmetic, personal care and household products, including the policy of the parent company. If there is a risk of profits being used to fund animal testing, we will not endorse them. We are currently compiling the 15th edition of the Compassionate Shopping Guide.

Naturewatch Foundation is calling on Ecover and Method to use their new position of influence with SC Johnson to convince them to stop all commissioning or conducting of animal tests across their entire range of products. 

Until then, we are asking compassionate consumers to boycott all SC Johnson brands, including Ecover and Method, until the entire company is cruelty-free. We hope that Ecover and Method will return to the cruelty-free community soon!

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair... Ecover's (and SC Johnson's) success depends on you