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Resources For Ethical Retailers

Thank you for pledging to remove Ecover and Method from your stores now that both brands are owned by animal testers  SC Johnson.

We know from our own experience that cruelty-free shoppers have various opinions on the subject, as well as numerous questions. Some of your customers might be confused - a few of them will still consider Ecover and Method to be cruelty-free, even though profits will now fund animal testing by their new parent company.

To help make the process run smoothly, and hopefully reduce the number of queries you receive, we are providing the resources below.

If you have any suggestions for useful additions to the online pledge pack, please let us know.


Frequently-asked questions and suggested responses



These responses might be useful for queries you receive in person, by email or on social media. The answers may be 'mixed and matched' to suit the question.
If you need advice with a specific query, please contact us by emailing


In-store signage

To help explain to your customers why you no longer stock Ecover and Method, we have included an A4 sign to display near your household product section and an A5 counter sign.



Possible images for a press release

Local online publications might request an image to illustrate your press release. If you do not wish to use images of yourself or your shop, feel free to use the images below.



Social media images

Sharing the fact that you have ditched Ecover and Method on social media is one of the best ways to help promote our #PeopleAgainstAnimalTests campaign. There is a space at the top of each image for you to include your own logo and website address. If you need assistance, please email



Text for social media images

If you share any of the attached social media graphics, you'll need some text to accompany the image, explaining why you have removed Ecover and Method from the shelves.



Thank you again for your support!