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Dan Richardson

Dan Richardson started acting in 2006 at age 34. Despite his short time in the industry, he has enjoyed major roles in several feature films and TV shows, including Disney's global hit TV series, 'The Lodge'. Recent films include lead roles in US family comedy 'Pretty Outrageous' and British crime thriller, 'Retribution', and a principal role alongside Vinnie Jones in 'Kill Kane'. Dan also writes and produces and has several of his own feature film projects in development. He’s currently producing and hosting a documentary exploring the rapid growth of the plant-based lifestyle.  

Dan is also a patron of both the Born Free Foundation and the Voice for Asian Elephants Society, and an ambassador for the Remembering Wildlife series and the Angels for the Innocent Foundation. He regularly hosts and speaks at public events, demonstrations and marches. He has spoken in support of various causes and campaigns including the bid to secure the release of Lolita the Orca from Miami Seaquarium on behalf of Marine Connection; the ongoing plight of elephants and rhinos in Africa in his capacity as Born Free Foundation patron; against atrocities including the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan and the dog and cat meat trade. In addition, Dan has represented The Vegan Society on camera and in public in support of their Plate Up for the Planet initiative. In October 2017, Dan hosted the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos in London and the European gala screening at the Royal Geographical Society, London, of the multi-award, winning, 'Gods In Shackles' – a documentary exposing the cruelty and exploitation faced by the so-called temple elephants of Kerala, India. 

Dan says:  "My lifelong love of animals is a fundamental part of who I am. Animal conservation and welfare is my calling. I am an empath. I can't help but feel what an animal is feeling and I can not and will not stand by while they are suffering. Acting is my passion and a career I feel genuinely blessed and grateful to enjoy, but animal conservation is my purpose in life. Happily, one facilitates the other very well, certainly in terms of building a platform from which one can raise awareness. I view life as a gift, a beautiful spiritual journey. I meditate frequently, I'm vegan and I believe that we humans, as custodians of the planet, have a responsibility to live and make choices from a foundation of love and compassion. All animals matter to me greatly, and I will always strive to protect and preserve them."