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Pilot cull in Gloucestershire gets the chop – not the badgers!
02nd December 2013
The pilot cull in Gloucestershire has been cancelled by Natural England...
2013 – It’s a Cruelty Free Revolution!
14th November 2013
On 7th November 2013, China announced that from June 2014 it will remove its mandatory animal testing requirements...
Why our farming minister should hang his head in shame
26th September 2013
When Somerset's own David Heath was appointed farming minister a year ago, one might have thought it a breakthrough…
30th August 2013
Following the European Cosmetics Testing Ban that came into force earlier this year…
A better way to do business
09th August 2013
Conscious and ethical commerce will no doubt become the dominant model for one simple reason…
Doggy tips for hot weather
19th July 2013
Keep cool for your furry friend
TB Meat or Not TB, That Is the Question - The Answer? Who Knows…
02nd July 2013
Fresh from the horsemeat scandal, DEFRA has found itself in a new controversy…
Protesting against the badger cull
10th June 2013
As the trial cull of badgers could start in west Gloucestershire at any moment…
Ten reasons to buy Cruelty-Free cosmetics
31st May 2013
When you were applying your skin care products and putting on your make-up this morning…
Cannes Film Glamour At The Expense Of Cruel Animal Testing
24th May 2013
Don’t let them turn a blind eye in Cannes at the expense of animals' lives…