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Dog Fighting, Animal Cruelty & Links to Domestic Violence
25th April 2019
Reporting back from Parliament
World Animal Day deserves a Google doodle
09th April 2019
Email Google on behalf of animals...
Animal Sentience Petition Update – Sign today!
14th March 2019
The Government’s response so far…
Our unique and quite special relationship with dogs
06th March 2019
Crufts, taking place this week, is a prime opportunity...
Why are so many dogs being stolen?
28th February 2019
The Case for Pet Theft Reform
26th February 2019
Working in partnership!
How Badger Crime Has Shaped What I Do
06th February 2019
I could be enjoying a restful retirement right now but...
Tell Ecover and Method it’s time to come clean
02nd January 2019
New Year principles?
Celebrating ‘Unsung Heroes’
14th December 2018
Tuesday was a pretty good day for animals in the House of Commons...
Animals feel suffering, pain and joy too – animal sentience in law
10th December 2018
Campaigning on International Animal Rights Day...