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A better way to do business

We dream that one day all businesses are run like Jenny Tamblym’s!

We want to celebrate Jenny’s shining example of how to run a business whilst placing her love for animals at the forefront of her agenda.  How, you might ask? Well listen to her story…

“Twenty-five years ago I became vegetarian for humanitarian reasons and for the love of the animals.  I became increasingly aware not only of the cruel practices in the food industry, but of the environmental impact of a largely carnivorous diet, and how this is not sustainable in the future. There is increasing evidence too of the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet.  I became Vegan five years ago in the strong belief that it is the most sustainable and ecologically sound way of living which impacts on all aspects of my life, not just diet.

I am really fortunate to have moved to a lovely village and as I have some rooms to spare, I started up a small Vegan B & B in rural north Oxfordshire. I felt I would like to share my good fortune with others as resources for Vegans are far and few between and I am passionate about promoting all things Vegan, I decided to start up my bed and breakfast and delight in providing a good, wholesome breakfast for my guests.”

Jenny’s business makes a valiant statement of optimism within the role of business during an age when insincerity often merits out-sized rewards.
Conscious and ethical commerce will no doubt become the dominant model for one simple reason: It is simply a better way to do business.  It just works better, and over the long term it will outshine other business philosophies.

With more people like Jenny, we are certain our dream will come true… “One day”