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Caring For Your Skin: Inside & Out

A guest blog post by Boris Zatezic- MuLondon Founder & CEO 

We all want to take better care of our skin. Choosing mild and effective products is important, but when it comes to thinking ahead, there are some long-term factors to consider. Let's look at how best to care for your skin, inside and out.

1. Genes: Sometimes we're born with the skin we've inherited from our forefathers. We may be blessed with easy, no-fuss soft and smooth skin, or we struggle with sensitivity, eczema or psoriasis, for no apparent reason apart from the DNA lottery. However, recently it's been scientifically proven that changes in our thinking and our environment can re-write our genes. Our DNA is not static, as we once believed. Thus, your genes can be re-programmed. Nature and nurture are not mutually exclusive, separate forces - they work together and mould our gene expression. Just as we can change, so can our genes. We have a much bigger influence on them than we previously thought. To use modern analogy, you can choose to upgrade your operating system. Our health and well-being can be our own choice if we decide so. You have the power. To make your journey easier, check out our 10 Things To Avoid When You Have Sensitive Skin, Rosacea, Eczema or Psoriasis.

2. Stress: Stress can impact our overall well-being and it's been shown that the stress hormone cortisol can cause premature ageing of the skin. Because of this, relaxation is very beneficial to our inner and outer self. Some people enjoy a sunny holiday, while others meditate daily. You can take a walk in the park or the woods, listen to soothing music or play with your pet - whatever it is, if it relaxes you, it's good for you. Here are 10 Simple Tips To Help Fight Depression and bring some peace and calm to your everyday life.

3. Healthy living: Smoking, heavy drinking and processed foods full of additives can affect our digestive system and our liver, having a direct impact of the appearance of the skin. Choose fresh, living, vibrant foods that your body will benefit from. Where possible, buy organic fruits and vegetables and learn to avoid foods that contain unnecessary additives. Maybe try a fresh smoothie in the morning, or add sprouts or fermented foods to your diet. Start with small changes towards healthier choices, and they will stick. See also: Three Simple Steps To Revitalise Your Skin.

4. Hydration: Drink plenty of clean, fresh water every day to allow your body to flush out any toxins and to rejuvenate and hydrate your cells. Start and end your day with a big glass of water to get that engine running on the purest fuel possible.

5. Steam & Scrub: A gentle weekly steam & scrub routine will help get rid of dead skin cells, allowing your skin to breathe, look cleaner, smoother and more even. This will also allow it to better absorb any skin products you use, and will prevent blackheads and clogged pores.

6. Cleanse: Use a mild cleanser that will gently pull out any impurities, without stripping the skin of its natural oils. This is even more important if you live near a big city or in a polluted environment. Here's how to Make The Most Of Your Cleanser.

7. Moisturise: If you're here, I know you're doing this right! Use a natural moisturiser suitable for your skin type to hydrate, heal and protect. The Hemp Moisturiser is great for mixed or acne-prone skin and can be used daily. For sensitive and dehydrated skin, try the Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary Moisturiser. If your skin requires something healing, calming and soothing, check out the Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh moisturiser. You can also use any pure vegetable oil, preferably organic: olive, coconut, sunflower or jojoba all work great!

8. Treat yourself: A nice professional facial or a massage is a lovely way for you to treat yourself and be pampered, while your skin and body get that well-deserved MOT. Or, get your partner of your friend to treat you to a DIY Home Beauty Spa experience. You need it and you deserve it!

These are just some of the things that affect the look and feel of the skin. Each of them separately is very powerful, but combined, they make even more sense and work better together.

We do not need a plethora of bottles and jars to take care of our appearance. I am a big fan of multi-purpose products. For example, MuLondon moisturisers can be used as day or night creams, face serums and oils, eye creams, lips balms, hand creams and even as hair pomade. Our cleansers are great for washing the face or the hands and even for shaving. Having a selected few products that are gentle and effective in your bathroom cabinet should do the trick. When it comes to our skin, which products we use is definitely an important, but not the only factor that will affect its appearance.

I hope these tips help. Please let me know what it is that you do to take care of your skin and your overall well-being!