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Compassionate Shopping Guide prize draw

Thank you to everyone who has ordered the 14th edition of the Compassionate Shopping Guide since it was released in July this year!

We’ve had a fantastic response to the new guide and have gained lots of new supporters of cruelty-free shopping.

It is encouraging to see that a growing number of people are demanding products that have not caused pain and suffering to animals during their production. Shoppers are also becoming increasingly aware that by purchasing certain non-endorsed brands, they might be supporting animal testing carried out by a parent company. For more information, please read the Cruelty-Free Shopping section on our website.

Everyone who purchased their guide prior to 31st December 2015 was automatically entered into a draw to win fantastic prizes that were kindly donated by our endorsed cruelty-free companies.

We are pleased to announce the winners of STAGE 1 of the prize draw:

  • LUXURY HAND CARE COLLECTION, kindly provided by Botanicals ( Olivia G, Leicestershire
  • £10 MULONDON VOUCHER, kindly provided by MuLondon ( Rowena G, County Wicklow
  • FAMOUS GARDENER'S HAND CREAM, kindly provided by Elegance Natural Skin Care ( Val S, Derbyshire
  • PINK STUFF MIRACLE CLEANER, kindly provided by Star Brands ( Shelagh G, Cornwall

The winners of STAGE 2 of the prize draw:

The winners of STAGE 3 of the prize draw:

  • ORGANIC MINI SPA SET, kindly provided by Conscious Skincare ( B Ormerod, Lancashire
  • IKG BAG OF SOAP NUTS, kindly provided by Ecozone ( Eveline Hanson, Gloucestershire
  • IKG BAG OF SOAP NUTS, kindly provided by Ecozone ( David S, Northamptonshire
  • £10 MULONDON VOUCHER, kindly provided by MuLondon ( Rosemary B, Northamptonshire
  • £10 MULONDON VOUCHER, kindly provided by MuLondon ( Liz Holliday, Worcestershire
  • PINK STUFF MIRACLE CLEANER, kindly provided by Star Brands ( Sarah B, Suffolk
  • PINK STUFF MIRACLE CLEANER, kindly provided by Star Brands ( Geppy, Naples (Italy)

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, all winners were contacted by letter prior to announcing them on the Naturewatch Foundation website and social media. Prizes were not transferrable. Unclaimed prizes were put back into the draw.

If you already have a Compassionate Shopping Guide, why not encourage friends and family to shop with a clear conscience, without unintentionally funding animal testing?

Please don’t forget to sign up for our e-newsletter so that we can update you on newly-endorsed companies – as well as companies who have had their endorsement revoked. (Don't forget to add us to your Address Book so that the newsletter doesn't automatically go into your Junk folder!)