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Educational Seminar in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine

The best way to solve the problem is to change people`s attitude to it.

And the best time for accepting the new attitude is childhood.

That is why we pay so much attention to creating and introducing our Humane Education programme. The more we do now, the better and more sustainable results we will have in future. 

Although teaching kids is important and we do it, our approach is more systematic and global. We teach and inspire teachers who then would pass these knowledge and attitude to all children they teach.

Certainly, this work is not that easy. Education is quite a solid system that sometimes is not very open to innovations. That is why implementing this program, publishing materials for teachers and children, getting approvals from the Ministry of Education is a thorny path. But the result is worth it. 

On March 23rd 2016, we conducted a seminar “Implementing Elements of Humane Education in Ukrainian Educational Program”, which was organised by Oleksandr Bogachyk, Ukraine Representative, Naturewatch Foundation. This seminar was aimed to exchange experience in Humane Education between Ukrainian Institutes of Post Graduation Pedagogical Education (these are teachers who teach teachers to improve their level of proficiency).  

We heard presentations about implementing Humane Education into different school subjects and teaching it as a separate subject, about specifics of working with children of different age and different forms of teaching humane attitude towards animals and nature. 

The gem of the seminar was a set of booklets for children, developed by Oleksandr Bogachyk and Olena Melnichenko and sponsored by Naturewatch Foundation. This set went through approbation in Bila Tserkva school.

The trial year is almost over, and this class has already shown the positive impact of the books. Kids are fascinated with the material and they actively complete the tasks, discuss what they have learned and show how they help animals and nature in their day-to-day life. 

This seminar is just one small part of the massive work, but we know that this work will make a difference to make this world a better place.

In the words of Natalie Sorokopud, Ukraine Representative, Naturewatch Foundation