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Fantastic Dogs And Where To Find Them

There are thousands of fantastic dogs all over the country looking for homes right now. Could one of these adorable beasts become your future best friend?


Leo the Corgi x Spaniel

Leo the blind Corgi cross uses the magical power of scent to navigate his way through the world. He is available through Silver Paws Dog Rescue Gloucestershire.


Bobby the Boxer

Bobby is still a puppy but is housetrained, knows basic commands and has even learnt to use the dog flap. Could he be the Dumbledore of the dog world? Bobby is available through RSPCA Cheshire (Altrincham) Branch.


Blossom the cross breed

Blossom is called “the miracle dog” for good reason. Find out how this little wizard cheated death to become the happiest, most loveable little dog you’ll meet. She is being fostered through Safe Rescue.


Albie the Lurcher

Albie is simply majestic. He could be half dragon, half greyhound… or perhaps that’s just a bit of Saluki? Find him via Greyhound Gap.


Leigha the German Shepherd x Collie

Leigha is dreaming of her perfect family. Could she cast a spell on your heart? (Okay, we're being cheesy now, but look at that beautiful face!) Leigha is waiting for you at Cefni German Shepherd Rescue.


There are many more fantastic dogs waiting for you to come find them. For the best friend you’ll ever have, choose a rescue dog… and add a little magic to your life. Visit - sponsored by Direct Line Pet Insurance, the site has helped over 40,000 dogs to find new homes. 


P.S. Did you know that less than 1 in 200 new puppies brought home last year were adopted from a rescue group? But over 400,000 pups purchased last year came from cruel puppy farms. We have a long way to go until every dog has a safe home to call to their own, and ending puppy farming is a major part of that. 


*Featured dogs looking for homes as of December 2016 - but there are fantastic dogs looking for homes at any time of year!