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Fantastic news for cruelty-free cosmetics

The Chinese Government has historically required that cosmetics sold in physical shops in China be subject to ‘pre-market’ and random ‘post-market’ animal testing.

However, after years of lobbying by cruelty-free campaigners, eager beauty corporations, and foreign governments, the Chinese state has updated its regulations and it is fantastic news for cruelty-free advocates!

A gradual move away from animal testing

The move away from animal testing in China has been gradual. 

In 2014, animal testing regulations were removed from ordinary cosmetics made in China but, from May 2021, imported ordinary cosmetics will also no longer be required to undergo either ‘pre-market’ or random ‘post-market’ animal testing, if they have gained Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification.

At Naturewatch Foundation, we are closely following the work of the Department of International Trade and the UK cosmetics sector in securing GMP for UK personal care companies seeking to take advantage of the huge Chinese beauty market. 

Up until now many cruelty-free personal care companies have resisted exporting their products to China, despite it being the world’s second biggest cosmetics market.

Some ambitious companies have recently resorted to manufacturing their products in China and others have also been able to avoid animal testing by solely selling to China by e-commerce and shipping directly to consumers.

Our strict endorsement policy

When such cruelty-free companies have applied and met our strict endorsement policy, we have been able to endorse them in our Compassionate Shopping Guide.

Commenting on the new change to Chinese animal testing regulations, which should open the door for many more cruelty-free brands, CEO of Naturewatch Foundation, Caroline Ruane said: "After many years of campaigning, Naturewatch Foundation is delighted that the Chinese Government has reviewed the use of animals in testing cosmetics.

As of the May 1st 2021, if a brand being exported to China has Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification and meets our existing cruelty-free criteria, we welcome their application for inclusion in the Compassionate Shopping Guide!”

There's still work to do

The journey to a cruelty-free, ethical cosmetics market is still not complete. Special use cosmetics such as sunblock, deodorants, whitening products and hair dye will still undergo animal testing in China.

Naturewatch Foundation will not endorse companies that permit animal testing on any of their products or ingredients.

Tragically, even in Europe, chemicals regulations sometimes controversially override the EU cosmetics animal testing ban. This is a very lively current campaigning project.

We are pleased to promote endorsed compassionate brands who continue to choose ingredients that do not cause animal suffering!

Please go to to find hundreds of endorsed cruelty-free brands and follow the guide on social media at Instagram/crueltyfreeCSG