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Google misses golden opportunity to fly the flag for animals

On World Animal Day, October 4, animal lovers around the globe are reeling from the huge disappointment that despite thousands of emails being sent to Google, the doodle team has missed a golden opportunity to fly the flag for animals.

The added exposure that a Google doodle could provide would have a huge impact in helping to spread the mission of World Animal Day to raise the status of animals. The fact that thousands of people around the globe are working together to improve the lives of animals has to be something worth celebrating! 

Please send an email to expressing your disappointment that this important day was not recognised by Google. Tell them that we are not giving up and that the doodle campaign will be repeated next year.

The World Animal Day movement will continue to grow until it reaches and connects animal advocates in all corners of the globe. Participation, large or small, helps mobilise people for action now for a better future for animals. Every one of us can make a difference – together we make change happen!