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Guest blog from endorsed brand Earth Conscious

Hello, I’m Angela, founder of Earth Conscious.

What’s really important to me as a person and to the brand as a whole is avoiding waste. I’d never of started a business based on products that weren’t pretty essential to the way we live and function in
society. And I continue to bear this in mind when evaluating new products. We don’t sell mindless gimmicks or products that don’t perform and are therefore wasted. Our products have a price point that is accessible to most people, because everyone deserves that access. That’s always been really important to me.

I’ve always seen animal wellbeing as something that goes hand in hand with the earth's wellbeing. Habitat loss is the most obvious. For example, we don’t use palm oil for that reason. We use certified organic ingredients where available as we know that they have been grown and harvested with nature and animal welfare in mind. Our products don’t impact marine life and the food chains in our seas and rivers. Our strict non-plastic approach means less polluted seas for our marine life.

Our passion for reduce before recycle means that we are giving a bit of breathing space to the planet. It’s only small, but every small step counts. Helping our animals and plants as much as us humans. We
need to look after our Earth, not just for the future generations of humans but all species, and everything else that nature provides us with too.

Animal testing is something that would never happen with our products and our ingredients. It’s horrific to think that this still goes on in areas of the world in 2018. Being featured in the Naturewatch
Compassionate Shopping Guide is an honour to have that recognition. I applaud what Naturewatch is doing and the scrupulous way they vet their applications. They are also very accessible to small companies which is something that you don’t always find.

Naturewatch asked me if there was anything that gets my blood boiling. Well, here’s my chance to vent! It’s important to recognise that everyone is on their own journey doing what they see is right for them.

Becoming more conscious of subjects such as animal testing and environmental issues comes at different stages in people’s lives. Everyone’s fighting their own battles after all. I strive and work hard to
keep Earth Conscious as least damaging as possible. Sometimes I ask myself, if I can do it with all the limitations I began with as a startup, these larger brands and supermarkets could be doing so much more.

Thank you to Naturewatch for being there fighting for animal rights I hope that you check out their campaigns. I hope that everyone can feel empowered to make their difference in the way that they can