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Help us to help them

*Two arrested in Suffolk after the Police and local authority raid illegal puppy farms.*

*Forty dogs rescued when Police and RSPCA descend on a location in Kent.*

Not a bad week's work for Naturewatch Foundation you might think, but another milestone was passed this week, when we passed the 200 mark for puppy farming research reports disseminated to our partner agencies this year.

But, sadly, this is not enough - we still need your help in trying to stamp out this cruel industry. Information is the currency we crave in the Investigations Team, even more so than hob nobs, which is saying something!
Naturewatch Foundation sent out information pertaining to the above incidents over a year ago but this is normal. This is a struggle where the puppy farmers seem to hold all the cards, breeding puppy after puppy for a public eagerly waiting for the newest colour of French Bulldog or a cava-cocker-bichon-poo.

To people who seem not to care for or do not know about the breeding bitches imprisoned in 6x12 cells, made to breed until they are spent. No sofas and countryside walks for them.
Whilst our partner agencies and ourselves painstakingly piece together intelligence and evidence, so when action is taken, it is meaningful and effective.
So if you have information that may help us in the fight this illegal industry please let us know via our puppy farming helpline or by filling in the form on our website.

Please help us to help them.

Contact our investigations team:

  • Email the reporting form to
  • Call 07392 185 373