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Hope for the animals of Ukraine

The past year has been tough for so many people. Loved ones have been lost and all of us have been affected by lockdowns and being kept away from family and friends.

Throughout, our pets have been there for us.

In Ukraine, there is a new generation that offers hope for all animals across the country.

Historically, there has been much violence and animal cruelty, but that is changing.

Now there is a generation that is beginning to understand why the love of animals is important.

That is why the Naturewatch Foundation ‘Hope for the Animals 2021’ campaign is significant. It will show why animals matter in each community through a series of projects.

Valentine’s Day

The first of these engages children – those who provide the hope for a more humane and safer society for Ukraine’s animals.

We have teamed up with the wonderful volunteers from ‘Not indifferent’ (based in Chernivtsi) and orphanages and art schools in Kharkiv. These two cities are 900km apart – about the same distance that Edinburgh is from Paris. One is on the Romanian border, the other shares a boundary with Russia. We trained in both during 2019. We travelled to Chernivtsi in June and then to Kharkiv in August to make presentations to the volunteer groups and the patrol police.

Children between the ages of eight and 13 will be drawing and painting their interpretation of love for animals and why rescue pets are important. Each will receive a unique badge, and some will win other prizes, but the overall reward is much bigger.

It is a better future for all animals.

After Valentine’s Day, we must continue momentum across the country.

Prosecutions are up 75% over the past 2 years for animal abuse but we can’t rest with that.

Our previous work has been to show why cruelty must be tackled but, with the impact of COVID-19, we feel we must push forward with a positive message – and a message of hope.Ukraine officer and dog

Please follow our developing campaign this year.

There are already some lovely stories of abandoned cats and dogs being saved by the patrol police.

I’ll be keeping our followers updated through a series of blogs and also on our social media. It promises to be a good year.

2021 looks like being a better year for Ukraine’s animals, thanks to the supporters of Naturewatch Foundation.

Mark Randell, Campaign Manager


Love without breeds, Love without borders.

We hope that you enjoy the art gallery that we have put together, showcasing some of the incredible artwork of the children of Chernivtsi.

Their imagery of the love between humans and animals spreads hope to all of us that there is a real future for animals in Ukraine.

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