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#Hotline4Puppies - one year on!

Since #Hotline4puppies was launched one year ago, in June 2019, our Animal Crime Manager has received over 460 reports concerning puppy farming or breaches in welfare, involving 368 separate cases

Many hundreds of people have contacted our puppy farming hotline in confidence and as a result of this information and the excellent work by our investigator, an amazing 68 formal research products, some supported by formal witness statements, have been disseminated for investigation to Local Authority licensing teams across England and Wales and a smaller number to the RSPCA.

Many cases are still under investigation or await potential prosecution, but others (now concluded) have resulted in breeders undergoing the licensing procedure or ceasing to breed once aware of the regulations since 2018. 

In addition to the research products, 72 information reports have been disseminated to partner agencies including local authorities, RSPCA, SSPCA and even Crime Stoppers, where links were made with other forms of organised crime. These reports have assisted in raising the intelligence portfolio on persons suspected of being involved in the puppy farming industry, and may well in some cases assist enforcement action to come. This, again, has been predominantly England and Wales, with a handful covering Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Commenting on the anniversary, Andrew Swinburne, our Animal Crime Manager said:

The first year of our puppy farming hotline has been a tremendous success, with an unbelievable response from the public and our supporters coming forward to name and shame persons involved in this terrible industry - which inflicts so much pain, illness and misery upon the poor dogs. Horrified new owners all too often endure an unforeseen nightmare with very sick puppies and large veterinary bills on top of paying for the puppy.

My thanks go to everyone who has contacted me and also to the excellent and hard work behind the scenes by our investigator without whom all the great results would not be possible.

Our partnership working with other charities and local licensing teams has been very well received and I can personally tell you that our #Hotline4puppies is making a real difference to the lives of dogs and targeting the right people involved.

Naturewatch Foundation looks forward to our second year operating the hotline and the successes that we know will come with this.

Please keep the reports coming in and we will investigate.

Do you suspect someone is involved in illegal puppy farming or breaching animal welfare standards in the breeding of dogs?

Please contact (in confidence) our Animal Crime Manager:


Telephone: 07392 185 373

Read anonymised case studies.