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How To Make A Doggie Ice Lick

 This “ice lick” is a wonderful idea to keep your furry friend cool in the hot summer days. Pet lifestyle weblog Cold Noses Chronicle shares this great tip for beating the heat .

This clever ice lick is a mix of water (can add some vegetable broth) with toys added to the mix to keep the pup occupied. 

Is a wonderful activity for dogs that always need something to do! Here’s what writer Elizabeth Edwardsen has to say about how she made the activity:

"Setting the Ice Lick up was easy. I filled the bucket with water and some of her toys. I also threw a few carrots in before putting it in the freezer It took a day to freeze solid. Then I stuck the Ice Lick’s post in the ground, upended the bucket, which also contained a section of post, and we were in business. Veronica licked away, waiting for toys to appear, cooling off in the process."

Edwardsen suggests adding different toys to the mix each time to keep the dog interested.