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Paw Prints on Our Hearts

Domestic cats are often the victims of severe mistreatment and abuse - especially those who have the misfortune to find themselves abandoned, or left to fend on the streets.  Every so often a hero comes along to be the voice they so desperately need, and to be their change of fortune too; championing an animal who gives so much more to society than can ever be imagined.  Zhangdan is unquestionably one of those heroes and has cleverly described the stories of the many cats she has saved, to write heart-warming, convincing chapters that will resonate with all who read her words.

With beautifully descriptive narrative, Zhangdan shows the importance of commitment and lifelong responsibility towards our feline friends, and makes a strong and compelling case for their important, rightful place alongside humankind. Stories of brave, but previously maligned and abused individuals, such as 3-legged Lucky99, connect the reader both to our failing of these vulnerable, broken souls, but also to what can be done to help them if we just spare a little time and compassion in amongst our often selfish and busy lives.

Zhangdan has spent decades working on the front line of animal advocacy and is a staunch and convincing defender of all that slither, swim, walk and fly.  While most of the stories in her book are about the cats who have touched her life, she also extends the subject matter to respecting, and fiercely protecting, other species too. Her chapters on bear bile farming, seal culling, dog fighting and yet more cruel practices, are written to awaken and shake our conscience, with a call to action that is impossible to ignore. 

Pawprints on our Hearts is a celebration of individual animals' lives who have overcome almost impossible odds of survival and, perhaps more importantly, is a celebration of the good prevailing in people who champion the welfare of cats and other species across China.  This book compels us to be profoundly proud of Zhangdan, and grateful to her and to all who raise their voices in this growing crescendo of compassion defending our animal kin.

Jill Robinson MBE, Dr med vet hc, Hon LLD 
Founder & CEO 
Animals Asia Foundation