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Waterless Limited is now endorsed by Naturewatch Foundation

Guest Blog Post 

Jess Efford, Senior Hygiene Specialist, at Waterless Limited recently talked to Naturewatch Foundation about becoming our latest endorsement.

Here is our story...

Waterless Limited is a family business who cares deeply about the world and all its creatures. We have spent a long time developing "Towel Off" washing solutions for different sectors that not only genuinely help people but don't come at the cost of an animal. In fact, our chosen charity is Greyhound Rescue Wales, with whom we work closely.

Why do people need to wash without water?

There are all sorts of applications and impacts on mother nature. For example, our Nilaqua Pet Shampoo infused with natural oils to repel fleas and ticks saves water and reduces pollution into the waters, not many people realise how bad this is. You are also reducing the risk of your animal catching Lyme disease, which is just awful.

Secondly, we are very eco, working with the NHS to reduce plastic waste by using a foaming application alcohol-free, vegan, hand sanitiser, instead of your traditional gel. Nilaqua typically pumps twice the amount, saving 1 bottle for every purchase and better yet our eco dispenser has a refillable cartridge so you do not have to keep buying plastic pouches! This 1 x 5Litre purchase saves on average 5 x the amount of plastic waste, now imagine how much sanitiser the NHS uses? There spend is in the millions, then the police, public attractions and even your workplace. Nilaqua can reduce hundreds of thousands of pouch waste! Plus paper towels, electricity in hand dryers and water. It's not just about wasting water, it's the purification process of getting clean water again.

Which leads me to our Zerreau & Pits&Bits brands for outdoor washing. This is a huge save on mother nature, reducing the need for festival showers, transporting water in and out, purification etc. Plus it provides dignity and privacy for your family and as ALL our lines are water based they clean effectively and are very kind to the skin. We do have to use a plastic bottle for our products but we do use easily recyclable plastic and the benefits far supersede.

Being Eco, protecting animals is vital for future generations to come, we are at the critical point where we can make or break the planet. The stories of the whales dying of plastic have shocked us to the core and as a team, we often go "plogging" picking up plastic near the ocean on the weekend. So we encourage the public to do their bit and seek alternatives and recycle where possible!