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World Animal Day challenge

Dear Animal Lovers,

I invite you to make a connection with one animal on October 4th. Listen to my song I PROMISE YOU to get inspired to join us in making the world a better place for animals.

How to participate in this challenge? Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Take a look at the list of things you could do on October 4th 



























2. Listen to the song I PROMISE YOU before you do the challenge 
3. Share what you did with others who took the challenge! Share your experience (what you did and how you felt) in words, video or pictures on your social media channels: facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest and google+ and make sure to add the hashtag #worldanimalday to all your posts!

To make even bigger difference, print out several copies of the WAD challenge flyer and give it to your friends or post it around your city before October 4th.

Thank you for taking the challenge.