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World Day for Animals in Laboratories

April 24 is a global day of observation for animals in laboratories. They need you to be their voice.

The worldwide numbers are inestimable, but in the United Kingdom alone over 4 million animals are used in scientific procedures each year, more than any other country in Europe. Despite a government commitment to reduce the use of animals in scientific procedures, the numbers keep growing.

What happens to the mice, rats, dogs, primates, cats and other species in our publically-funded laboratories?

You’re not allowed to know. The scientists conducting animal experiments couldn’t even tell you if they wanted to – and many DO want to.

Thanks to section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, the so-called Secrecy Clause, disclosing information about animal experiments in the UK is a criminal offence.  

Read our report on the shocking history of delays to repealing section 24.

Take Action

Animals need your help today.

Tell your MP to read our report, Transparency and Animal Experiments, and demand the Home Office responds to the public consultation on section 24 – now three years overdue.

Almost 12 million animals have been subjected to undisclosed procedures, including being cut up, burnt, starved to death and deprived of a life worth living, while waiting for legislation to change. 

Tell your MP the time to repeal section 24 arrived long ago. Click here to find their contact details.