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Help us to help them
14th October 2021
Puppy farming investigations...
‘My most asked questions as a Veterinary Nurse answered’
01st October 2021
A Q&A with our Campaigns Assistant...
October 6 was National Badger Day
01st October 2021
Our Campaign Manager describes why badgers urgently need our help...
From animal abuse to shooting teachers
15th September 2021
Why we must take animal crimes seriously...
A code-cracking scavenger hunt marked our 30th anniversary…
07th September 2021
280 families joined Naturewatch Foundation for a fun-filled afternoon!
Happy 30th birthday, Ukraine! (And Naturewatch Foundation!)
23rd August 2021
The passing of Law 2351 is a perfect gift...
EVENT: Naturewatch Foundation’s Animal Scavenger Hunt for children
20th July 2021
Cheltenham, Glos. - August 6 and 7
Fantastic news for animals in Ukraine!
20th July 2021
Law 2351 has been passed by the Government
How many animals suffered for science last year?
13th July 2021
The Home Office statistics for 2020 - and how you can help
Thank you means so much…
22nd June 2021
Your messages of gratitude and support to Ukrainian police officers