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11 things dog owners should never say
28th October 2014
If you've owned a dog, one of these phrases has probably slipped past your lips. Here's why it matters...
Greener Gloucestershire Festival
26th September 2014
Naturewatch Foundation are preparing for World Animal Day on 4th October
World Animal Day challenge
23rd September 2014
I invite you to make a connection with one animal on October 4th. Listen to my song I PROMISE YOU to get inspired to joi
MI Worst Nightmare!
03rd September 2014
MI found in many famous products, causing sever blisters and swelling!
July Newsletter
08th July 2014
We’d like to share our July Newsletter
Calling all Welsh citizens!
02nd July 2014
Tell your Assembly Member to vote YES ....
How to Get Started Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
30th June 2014
We all have to clean our homes and laundry, which results...
Animal Welfare and Humane Attitude to Animals Education in Schools
27th June 2014
As part of Naturewatch Foundation’s education project to...
Help to clean the house
23rd June 2014
I have a confession to make...