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We couldn’t provide our vital services without the generosity of people like you.  Please help us continue our work improving animal health and welfare in Ukraine by making a donation today.

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Naturewatch Foundation supportersThank you

Our representative in Ukraine has kindly set up a website to thank Naturewatch Foundation supporters who have donated to this project. This website contains photos and statistics to show just how well the project is going. View »

Naturewatch Foundation supporters have been funding a Spay/Neuter/Vaccinate Clinic in Kharkov, Ukraine, since 2013 for the benefit of pets belonging to citizens on a low income and community dogs.  Find out more


Spay/Neuter Clinic

Naturewatch Foundation is funding a spay/neuter clinic in Kharkov, available to low-income dog owners. Community dogs are also welcomed into the project, with the permission of the community.

With your generous support, together we have already prevented the birth of many thousands of unwanted puppies that would have ended up suffering on the streets of Kharkov. 

Watch an interview with a lady whose dogs were sterilised with funds donated by Naturewatch Foundation. 

We receive 5 to 10 requests every week for pets to be spayed and neutered. As there is currently a financial crisis in our country, many people cannot even dream about affording such expensive surgery. If we continuously support these people, we will stop Kharkov’s stray dog problem at its source. We really appreciate your help in this, both people and animals of Kharkov benefit greatly from your help. Thank you very much!” 

Natalie Sorokopud, Project Co-ordinator, Kharkov

Since July 2012, Naturewatch Foundation has sent £10,428 towards this project, which has funded the spaying and neutering of approximately 1220 animals so far!

We know and you know who you are – be proud of what you’ve achieved!

 Spay costs

Small bitch = £7.85

Medium bitch = £10.21

Large bitch = £12.04  


Neutering costs

Small dog = £5.24

Medium dog = £6.54

Large dog = £7.85


Naturewatch Foundation works with an NGO in Kharkov called “Together”, which consists of a team of dedicated volunteers – there are no paid members of staff at “Together”.  Following an application process, the “Together” volunteers assess the applicants’ dogs to ensure they are healthy enough to be spayed/neutered by the team of veterinarians who offer their services at a reduced rate.  The dogs are then transported by the volunteers to the veterinarian clinic for surgery, and once the vets are satisfied with the dogs’ health and recovery, they are returned to their owners by the volunteers.

All stray animals in Ukraine are either abandoned pets or descendants of owned pets. Sadly, many pet owners in Ukraine earn so little they cannot afford vet fees to spay/neuter their pets. With the freedom to breed and roam, their pets contribute greatly to the stray dog problem.

Whilst most initiatives to reduce stray dogs in Ukraine only address the consequences of the problem, Naturewatch Foundation’s spay/neuter project is addressing the root cause. By reducing the source of unwanted puppies and pregnant bitches that are all too often abandoned and left to become strays, this project will help both the animals and citizens of Kharkov.  All dogs are also given flea and worm treatments and vaccinated against diseases.