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We couldn’t provide our vital services without the generosity of people like you.  Please help us continue our work improving animal health and welfare in Ukraine by making a donation today.

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Naturewatch Foundation supportersThank you

Our representative in Ukraine has kindly set up a website to thank Naturewatch Foundation supporters who have donated to this project. This website contains photos and statistics to show just how well the project is going. View »

Spay/Neuter Clinics

Naturewatch Foundation funds spay/neuter clinics in the cities of Kharkiv and Kupyansk, Ukraine.  The FREE clinics are available to low-income dog and cat owners, community and foster animals.

The statistics speak for themselves

  • To the end of 2020, we’ve sent £28,385 which has enabled 2,592 dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered.
  • Thanks to the generosity of supporters, we’ve already sent a further £4,000 to cover the cost of approximately 360 spay/neuter operations to the end of June 2021. 

It's impossible to accurately calculate the offspring of 2,592 dogs and cats.

However, to give you an idea of the number of unwanted puppies and kittens that could end up abandoned and suffering on the streets (or worse) here are some eye-watering estimates:

  • Just one female dog and her offspring can result in 67,000 puppies in six years!
  • In just seven years, one female cat and her offspring can produce 400,000 kittens!

Message from our partner - Victoria Kruchina, Kupyansk NGO ‘Promin Myloserdya’:

This project for low-income citizens is vital for animals of Kupyansk and villages nearby! Here a lot of people live below the poverty line, especially retired people. But a lot of people love animals and own cats and dogs. Because these people`s income is barely enough to buy food, it is extremely difficult to find funds for a spay/neuter surgery.

We are very grateful to Naturewatch Foundation for the donated funding that made it possible to spay or neuter so many animals. Thanks to this funding, many street cats and dogs have now found homes because a lot of people who cannot afford the surgery do not adopt animals. It’s entirely due to the fact that the animals won`t breed that more people agree to adopt them.

Dealing with the source of stray animals – owned pets – we are very effectively decreasing the population of homeless animals. Although we have now spayed most of the town’s strays (during 2019) and some owned cats and dogs, there are still a lot of pets that continue to breed. Therefore, there is a chance that the stray population could return. We are so grateful to Naturewatch Foundation for agreeing to fund this project in Kupyansk for another year. This will enable us to spay most animals owned by low-income people in the town and nearby villages in order to ensure that the result is sustainable.

Thank you very much for your hard work for the welfare of animals!



Naturewatch Foundation works with an NGO in Kharkiv called “Together” and an NGO in Kupyansk called “Promin Myloserdya”.

Both NGOs are run by volunteers which means that 100% of your money funds spay/neuter operations to help animals.

Following an application process, the volunteers assess the applicants’ dog(s) or cat(s) to ensure they are healthy enough to be spayed/neutered by a team of veterinarians who offer their services at a reduced rate to support the two projects.  The dogs/cats are then taken by the owner/carer or transported by the volunteers to the veterinary clinic for surgery. Once the vets are satisfied with the health and recovery of the animals they are returned to the owners or carers.

Why is the project needed?

All stray animals in Ukraine are either abandoned pets or descendants of owned pets. Sadly, many pet owners in Ukraine earn so little they cannot afford vet fees to spay/neuter their pets. With the freedom to breed and roam, their pets contribute greatly to the stray animal problem.

Naturewatch Foundation’s spay/neuter projects address the root cause of Ukraine's stray animal problem. By reducing the source of unwanted puppies and kittens, that are all too often abandoned and left to become strays, this project will help both the animals and citizens of Kharkiv and Kupyansk. 

Message from Natalie Sorokopud, Project Coordinator and one of Naturewatch Foundation’s representatives based in Kharkiv, Ukraine:

In 2019, Naturewatch Foundation widened their assistance to help not only Kharkivers with low income, but also elderly people from the town of Kupyansk and surrounding villages. As Kupyansk is not a big town, the impact of Naturewatch Foundation’s project is obvious and seen already. There are no dog packs in the streets of the town now. Thanks to an incredibly active volunteer who arranges the programme there, many of the dogs that roamed the streets of Kupyansk have been spayed/neutered and rehomed. It’s now vital to continue supporting this programme to sustain the good result.

In Kharkiv, it is a bit more difficult to see the result as the city is very big. But we know that we are on the right track because the requests for help with spaying and neutering are now mostly from mini-shelters and low income dwellers of villages around Kharkiv. Many people still cannot even dream about affording such expensive surgery, especially with prices increasing every year. If we continue to support these people, we will end Kharkiv’s stray animal problem at its source.

We really appreciate your help, both people and animals benefit greatly from your donations.

Thank you very much!




All spay and neuter treatments are paid for using your generous donations.  We know and you know who you are – be proud of what you’ve achieved!  We would be delighted if you could make a donation today to allow us to continue this vital work in Ukraine.