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Read a few stories about some of the pets who have benefited from the clinics we fund...

Tetiana Pavshukova is well known in Kharkov for catching and caring for stray dogs.  She has more than 15 dogs and cats under her care. Some of them live with her, others are in foster care. Everyday after work she visits the fosterers, who live throughout the city, to feed the animals and provide treatment to the ones who need it. Under her care there are several disabled and old dogs who will never be rehomed because of their illnesses. Tetiana spends an enormous amount of time and money to provide them with the care they need. In April, thanks to the clinic funded by Naturewatch Foundation, she spayed two cats and neutered one of the male dogs who broke out of an enclosure in a foster home because he wanted to chase a female dog who lived next door!

At the beginning of April a young man found three very young kittens tied in a plastic bag that had been dumped in a rubbish skip. Victoria (head of the Kupyansk NGO with whom we work) bottle fed the kittens and, via Facebook, she received donations of dry cat milk and bottles.  As the kittens needed to be fed every two hours, she had to take them to work with her running a stall in the market.  A man took great interest in watching as Victoria fed the kittens and offered to take one off her hands. He chose what he thought was the largest male kitten to take home and bottle feed. The cat grew big and healthy and was deeply loved by his owner Victor Petrovich.  Several months later, Victor called Victoria asking her to help spay his cat, which had turned out to be female, and he didn`t have enough money for the surgery. Thanks to the wonderful supporters of Naturewatch Foundation, it was possible to help this elderly man and his beloved cat.

Victoria was going to work through Kupyansk train station and saw an old lady sitting on a bench with a cat sitting next to her. Victoria asked whose cat it was and the woman told her that it belonged to her. Victoria started to ask about the cat. It appeared that Raisa Fedorovna, the old lady, rescued her from the street when she was a tiny abandoned kitten and named her ‘Masha’. As the cat grew up she never left Raisa’s side and they’ve been best friends for 6 years. Raisa told Victoria that she’d been giving the cat pills to stop her from having kittens. Victoria told Raisa about the dangers and suggested that she should have ‘Masha’ spayed. Raisa said that her pension is hardly enough to feed herself and the cat. Victoria said the operation could be done free of charge thanks to Naturewatch Foundation. Raisa agreed of course!

During the surgery a huge pyometra was removed, which had more than likely been caused by the pills Raisa had been giving to her much loved companion Masha. The cat’s life had been saved and  Raisa was so happy to find out that her cat is now healthy and said that she would have been distraught if her beloved cat had died.

(Pyometra is a hormonal imbalance that causes a bacterial infection in a cat's uterus. This condition is usually found in older cats who have not given birth to a litter of kittens. Pyometra is usually treated with surgery. ... Bacteria infects the uterus and can cause life-threatening symptoms.)

This ginger cat was found abandoned at Kupyansk market early one morning. Victoria took him home and arranged for him to be neutered at the clinic. As Victoria already has more than 30 pets, she had no choice but to find him another home.  She called all her friends and found a family who wanted to adopt a ginger cat but would have been unable to afford to pay for him to be neutered.  Perfect, the ginger cat was taken to his new family the same day.

An old lady who regularly feeds stray cats in the city of Kharkov contacted the clinic telling them about an exhausted female dog with three puppies that had been abandoned near a block of flats. The puppies were full of worms, covered in fleas and they had conjunctivitis. The clinic treated all of the dogs, two of the pups were rehomed and the runt of the litter, Juki, was fostered until she was fit and well.  Now all the pups have been sterilised and all have loving families to care for them.