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Animal Experiments in the UK

Every single minute of the day 8 animals die in British laboratories. Great Britain drugs, poisons, kills and autopsies more than 11,000 individual living creatures every day of the year.  

Almost 4 million animals were tested on and killed in Britain in 2016. This is around a 60% increase since 2000 - despite a government commitment to reduce the number. The quality and value of the testing that takes place must be examined. And myths that we use animals only where necessary, and only under the strictest standards, must be dismissed.

New chemical, medical, safety, agricultural and defence products are all subject to testing by law before they’re considered safe enough for application in the human environment. Technological solutions are increasingly available, such as replacing animals with digital simulations or lab grown cell cultures.

But what is life like for those animals in laboratories around the UK right now? The answer is: nobody knows for sure, because you’re not allowed to know. A culture of secrecy pervades scientific procedures on animals in the UK, and it’s getting worse.

Take action to end secrecy in animal experiments.


With your support we will work with law makers and corporations to reduce the number of animals used for experimentation, and replace animal research with human-centric, effective, and safer methods. We will work towards improvements in openness and transparency in animal experiments, and call on consumers and companies to lead the way to a cruelty-free UK.

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