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Lead the way to a cruelty-free UK

YOU can make a difference to help end barbaric animal experiments.

Even if all you have is 60 seconds, you can help!

  • 60 seconds – Use and share with friends Naturewatch Foundation’s updated, FREE, online, cruelty-free, Compassionate Shopping Guide to cosmetics and household cleaning products! 
  • 2 minutes - Make a donation to support our work. Either call 01242 252 871 to make a gift or give online. Thank you!
  • 3 minutes - Follow us on social media and share our posts! Raise awareness of what's happening behind the headlines: Facebook Twitter Instagram
  • 5 minutes - Contact your favourite cruelty-free brand and ask them to apply to feature (at no cost) in the 15th edition of the Compassionate Shopping Guide.
  • 6 minutes - Set up a direct debit to help fund Naturewatch Foundation’s work. Even £3 a month makes a massive difference!
  • 10 minutes - Raise awareness in your community! Use the text below to write to your local newspaper to share what you know... Get your name in print!

    Dear Editor,

    I’ve been appalled to find out that over 3 million animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits and monkeys, are still being used in animal experiments in the UK each year, according to the Home Office.
    Many people think that animal testing is banned but that’s far from the truth. Animal welfare charity Naturewatch Foundation is doing all it can to encourage people to shop ethically.
    I recommend their Compassionate Shopping Guide for details of the best cruelty-free brands. The guide is now online!

Thank you for everything that you do to improve the lives of animals!

What are WE doing?

We actively lobby governments and policy-makers to change the laws that permit animal testing and shroud it in secrecy.
We also publish a Compassionate Shopping Guide to help people in buying cruelty-free products.