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School Awareness Programme education support pack

Thank you for taking part in our education programme to raise awareness of badger persecution.

Please note: the documentary film and resources are aimed at teenagers aged 13 and over. 

Naturewatch Foundation has been working with badger groups and police forces to deliver education sessions about badger persecution across England and Wales.

We aim to introduce teenagers to the crime of badger baiting, in order to:

  • raise awareness of the problem
  • act as a future deterrent within the community, and
  • act as a prospective intelligence source for enforcement agencies

This education support pack includes lots of great ideas on how to make the most of the programme.

Documentary film (16 minutes)

'Raising Awareness of Badger Crime: An educational video for teenagers and secondary schools'

In this short documentary, presenter and young conservationist, Alex Collins takes the audience deep into the forest to the site of a badger sett.

Delving into the lives of badgers, he explores not only their ecology and how vital they are to their ecosystems, but also the terrible persecution they face at the hands of humans - particularly in the form of badger baiting.

The film covers:

  • What is wildlife crime?
  • Badger ecology
  • What is badger baiting?
  • UK wildlife crime priorities
  • Badger baiting’s links to other forms of crime
  • How to help

Full details of the film's contents are available here.

Suggested lessons and activities

Subjects covered:

  • Literacy
  • Writing
  • ICT
  • Mathematics
  • Drama
  • Art and Design
  • Music

KS3 Curriculum Reference Guide:

Supporting activities:


'A Badger's Tale'

Have you requested your FREE copy of 'A Badger's Tale' yet? Our wildlife crime novel for teenagers supports the education programme and will be a fantastic addition to your library.

To get your free copy, please email, with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The name of your school or group
  • The best address to send your book to

(This offer is limited to one copy per group.)

Did you know? 'A Badger's Tale' is illustrated by 13-16-year-olds! Following an art competition held by Naturewatch Foundation, our patron, TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham, chose the winning artwork!


Other resources

Social media


We welcome input regarding the programme, as feedback or to encourage future engagement.

For example:

  • Quotes from teenagers: What did they learn? How did the badger baiting film make them feel?
  • Statements from teachers/group leaders
  • Content created: poetry, posters, banners, artwork, statistics etc.
  • GDPR-compliant images of group participation

Please specify if any images may be shared on Naturewatch Foundation's social media channels.

If you create your own posts, please tag us so that we can share them!

Send your feedback to

Spread the word

If you know anyone else who works with teenagers, please point them in the direction of our programme, particularly:

  • Secondary schools
  • Youth work settings
  • Badger groups
  • Wildlife organisations
  • Police officers

Thank you for your involvement!

More information

Naturewatch Foundation is a registered charity that has been speaking out on behalf of animals for over 25 years. In addition to their work to end badger baiting, other campaigns include puppy farming, animal experiments, animal welfare in Ukraine and World Animal Day. 

Alex Collins is a young zoology student, conservationist, and wildlife filmmaker with a passion for connecting people with the natural world and inspiring others to make positive change. Follow him on Twitter.

Our Badger Baiting School Awareness Programme was originally devised as a partnership project with the assistance of the Durham Police Partnerships Department and the Durham County Badger Group, who continue to provide the teaching resources as part of this free education support pack.