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You can help us dig out badger baiters

Report, in confidence, anyone you suspect may be involved in illegally persecuting badgers, to our Investigations Team – 07865 801 068 / Our covert investigations have gone from strength to strength – from 2018-2019, there was a 200% in the number of reports we received from members of the public. 
Thank you for your leads so far.

Request FIVE of our leaflets to pass on to family and friends. Email with your name and address and we’ll pop them in the post. Remember, even if YOU don’t suspect anyone, someone you know might!

Are you a teacher or youth group leader? In 2018, we launched a School Awareness Programme to tell teenagers about illegal badger persecution and discourage them from becoming involved. 
We also need more police officers and badger groups to deliver the School Awareness Programme. Email for more information.

Buy a copy of A Badger’s Tale for any 13-16-year-olds you know. This eye-opening wildlife crime novel supports the education programme and is a vital addition for any animal-loving teenager’s bookshelf.

YOUR help is urgently needed to help raise awareness that badger baiting still takes place, on a regular basis, despite being made illegal in 1835! With YOUR support, we can make our beautiful countryside a safer place for badgers and other animals. DONATE NOW! 

Follow us on social media and share our posts to help raise awareness of badger baiting: 
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Naturewatch Foundation has a multifaceted approach to finally ridding the UK of one of our most barbaric bloodsports. We firmly believe that educating the next generation is essential in helping to stop animal crime. We’re also committed to investigating, and bringing to justice, today’s criminals who inflict so much misery and pain on wildlife.

Will you be a #Hero4Badgers and help save these fascinating animals from a torturous fate at the hands of evil badger baiters? By taking action for badgers, you’ll also be helping the many dogs involved in this cruel activity lead a normal life, away from a never-ending circle of fear, neglect, injury and suffering.