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Badger Baiting - Take Action

Please join our wonderful patrons and take action to help make the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 worth more than just the paper it’s written on. 

Video Editor, Jonathan ​Lazenby 

You can help make the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 worth more than just the paper it’s written on in two ways:

      1. WRITE TO YOUR POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER (PCC) - You can find their name and contact details here. As PCC’s are responsible for setting crime objectives, it is essential they are made aware of the importance of fighting badger crime.

  • Highlight the benefits of targeting badger baiters not only from an animal welfare perspective, but also because they are very often involved in other forms of criminal activity.
  • Urge your PCC to see badger persecution is taken seriously and receives the necessary resources to tackle it effectively.
  • Personalise the letter, letting your PCC know your feelings on the matter in a polite manner.

      2. DONATE TODAY - Please donate what you can towards our investigation into badger baiting rings, and our joint Naturewatch Foundation and Badger Trust police training programme. 

Your gift will help expose criminals who get a thrill out of watching innocent animals suffer, inflicting immeasurable pain, and causing agonising drawn-out deaths. 

It’s time to put an end to this thriving ‘sport’ and see badger baiters are put behind bars.   Your gift will help enormously towards making this happen.

On behalf of the badgers, thank you.