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School Awareness Programme

In 2018, we were approached by Police Officers requesting we launch a school education programme to raise awareness about illegal badger persecution to teenage children. 

It has been identified by police that badger crime can be a generational issue, with children witnessing their parents’ involvement, and not registering that their activities are morally wrong or even illegal.

We are working with local Badger Groups and Police Forces to deliver education sessions in schools across England and Wales to raise awareness of badger ecology, illegal badger persecution and legislation.  The presentation includes a mix of eye-opening video footage and photographs of crime scenes while informing pupils how they can help police fight badger crime.  

The programme concentrates primarily on badger baiting and is intended for use in areas where baiting is a problem, although the programme is available to all as an educational tool.

The programme was initially launched in County Durham as it was identified as a traditional part of the UK known for badger baiting. The programme is now being rolled out across England and Wales with an ever-growing interest from Badger Groups and Police Forces. 

The education programme is a partnership project that was devised with the assistance of the Durham County Badger Group and the Durham Police Partnerships Department.

If you are a member of a badger group, a Police Officer or a teacher wanting to raise awareness about badger persecution to teenagers in your area, please contact Andrew to request the School Awareness Programme Package for your area - / 07392185373.

Please download our School Awareness Programme Summary for further information.