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School Awareness Programme

In 2018, we were approached by police officers requesting we launch a school education programme to raise awareness about illegal badger persecution to teenagers. 

It has been identified by police that badger crime can be a generational issue, with children witnessing their parents’ involvement, and not registering that their activities are morally wrong or even illegal. 

To make our Badger Baiting School Awareness Programme more accessible to teenagers, we have driven the project in a new and exciting direction!

We have created an inspiring documentary film about badgers, and the threats they face, with Alex Collins, a young conservationist and filmmaker.


Want to take part?

We’re inviting anyone working with teenagers to feature the 16-minute documentary in their schedules, particularly:

  • secondary schools
  • youth work settings
  • badger groups
  • wildlife organisations
  • police officers

Upon request*, we’re also offering a free education support pack to supplement the video, that contains:

  • teaching resources
  • a copy of our magical wildlife crime novel ‘A Badger’s Tale’, written by Geoff Francis
  • a comprehensive information document about badger ecology and crime

About the film

In the documentary, Alex takes the audience deep into the forest to the site of a badger sett. 

Delving into the lives of badgers, he explores not only their ecology and how vital they are to their ecosystems, but also the terrible persecution they face at the hands of humans, particularly in the form of badger baiting.

The film teaches teenagers how to recognise signs of wildlife crime and asks them to contemplate ways they can help protect badgers if they suspect persecution is happening, like reporting their concerns, in confidence, to our Investigations Team.

Inspiring younger generations

Our patron, wildlife expert and TV presenter, Chris Packham says: 

“The film offers teenagers the chance to appreciate and connect with the natural world, and with a creature they may have previously had little knowledge of.

As we have learned, particularly during the pandemic, nature has been recognised as a source of inspiration and comfort for so many of us.

It is more important than ever that we inspire the younger generations to become guardians and protectors of our natural world and all the beautiful creatures that call it home, particularly the humble and highly victimised badger.”

(Our Badger Baiting School Awareness Programme was originally devised as a partnership project with the assistance of the Durham Police Partnerships Department and the Durham County Badger Group, who continue to provide the teaching resources as part of the free education support pack.)

Free educational support pack

*If you work with teenagers aged 13 and over, and would like to receive the supporting information pack, please get in touch -