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Dog Safety Awareness

Children are being attacked by dogs due to a lack of knowledge about dog safety and dog behaviour; and for every child that is attacked, it is the dog that pays the ultimate price when euthanised.

To reduce the number of children harmed by dogs, Naturewatch Foundation has launched a campaign to teach primary school children about dog safety awareness.

Children who attend our workshop will learn to respect dogs, and not force them into situations whereby they feel the need to retaliate and protect themselves.  Children will learn to recognise what dogs are telling them through their body language and will learn how to react appropriately, allowing the dogs to live stress-free and comfortable lives.

For children who love dogs, it will stop them trying to cuddle every dog they see.  For children who are afraid, it will equip them with knowledge to take control of situations without fear. 

We are working with the Freshwater Theatre Company to deliver interactive workshops in primary schools.  Their 20 years of teaching and drama experience ensures children are highly entertained whilst learning about dog safety awareness.

We have been targeting schools in Merseyside because government statistics reveal this area regularly sees one of the highest rates of hospital admissions for dog “bites and strikes” in England.  However,we would like to make this programme available to schools across the country, should we raise enough funds to do so.

The workshop has been very well received by the pupils, teachers and parents. 

Here’s what the children had to say about it:

  • “Thank you for coming to our school.  I learnt all about dogs.  I was scared before, now I am not.”
  •  “I thought the workshop was brilliant.”
  • “If there were real dogs, it would have been better.”
  •  “It was very good because you made my fear of dogs go away, and thank you for the play.”
  •  “I liked it because I learned a lot of things for dog safety.”
  •  “I think learning about dog safety was fun because it helped me to get over my fear of dogs.”

Here are some quotes from parents and teachers:

  • “I thought that all of the messages were emphasized very clearly in a way appropriate for children.”
  • “All shown very clearly, excellent presentation.  The presenter was amazing!”
  • “I even learnt a lot – you mentioned many things I never knew!”
  • “Very informative, lots of key messages addressed.”
  • “Everything was explained very well and the children enjoyed it.  I learnt some valuable tips and I’m sure my children did too.”

To learn more about dog safety awareness, please download this supporting guidance document.  It is a clear and informative guide that can be used by parents and teachers. 

If your child goes to school in Merseyside, or you teach in this area, and would like your school to book our Dog Safety Workshop, please speak with the Head Teacher and ask them to call Naturewatch Foundation on 01242 252871.