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Campaign to stop culling of badgers

Recent updates:

As there are quite a number of organisations working energetically towards stopping the badger cull, we have decided to focus upon our other campaigning activities for the foreseeable future.
We are not saying that we won’t pick up the reins again at some point but, as a small animal welfare organisation, we are acutely aware that it’s very important for us to ensure our funds are used in the most effective way in order to reduce animal suffering. 
We are most grateful to everyone who has supported our work in this area over the past few years. We can confirm that all funds raised specifically for this campaign were spent long ago as the last fundraising campaign we undertook was in the Spring of 2012.

GOOD NEWS!  Plans to roll out the controversial pilot badger culls across England have been dropped by DEFRA 

The 2013 pilot culls were a complete disaster!  The government’s independent panel of experts found the culls to be both ineffective and inhumane.  In addition, culling targets were not reached, which scientists have warned could lead to risk of perturbation, and the costs were far higher than predicted.   In fact the pilot culls have proven that killing badgers is far more expensive than vaccinating them. <<Read more>>

Badger culls were 'ineffective and failed humaness test' 

Up to 18% of culled badgers took longer than 5 minutes to die, according to an independent scientific assessment of last year's pilot badger culls.Sources reveal that a total of £7.29 million was spent on killing 1771 badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire (that equates to more than £4,000 per badger!).  Up to 18% died inhumanely taking longer than 5 minutes to die.  <<Read more>> 

Pilot cull in Gloucestershire gets the chop – not the badgers!

30th November 2013 - Hooray!  The pilot cull in Gloucestershire has been cancelled by Natural England as there’s no way the licence target will be met.  The Government has failed miserably to prove that killing badgers is the answer to stopping the spread of bovine TB.  <<Read more>>

It’s time to kill the cull once and for all, common sense must prevail!

Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary, Maria Eagle, says Labour could back cull of sick badgers if it won the next election but only if it was part of “a proper scientific approach” in the battle to end bovine TB.  This is a shift in party policy as Labour has always spoken out against culling.  However Maria Eagle did stress that she believed Environment Secretary Owen Paterson was “not taking notice of the science”, and that he was allowing his “prejudices” to influence the Government’s bTB policy.   <<Read more>>

The government’s policy to cull badgers is a costly mistake that won't solve TB in cattle.

The decision goes against a mountain of powerful scientific evidence that proves shooting badgers will have little impact in controlling TB among cattle herds and is simply a knee-jerk response to keep the farmers happy.

The Kreb’s Trial (Randomised Badger Culling Trial) was the world’s biggest ever scientific study into the issue. The Independent Scientific Group (ISG) spent over £50 million on a massive pilot cull of around 11,000 badgers between 1997 and 2007 and the final conclusion was that “culling can make no meaningful contribution to the reduction of bTB.”

It is our opinion that the government has been heavily influenced by the National Farmers' Union who do not wish to accept that today's agricultural practices are largely responsible for TB in cattle. Research suggests that the main causes of the spread of bovine TB are the intensive rearing and breeding practices of the farming industry and the wide transportation of cattle.

Our message has been the same since plans to cull badgers were first announced:
We call upon government to adopt a genuinely science-led policy, focusing its resources on the only humane approach. The priority should be on preventing the transmission of the disease on farms through improved bio security to keep cattle and badgers apart, including measures to keep badgers out of farm buildings and feed stores, limiting the transfer of TB between cattle, and making swift progress towards producing fully functional vaccines for both badgers (oral) and cattle.


Please write to Prime Minister David Cameron and ask him to step in before its too late and stop even more badgers from being needlessly killed. Mr Paterson continues to ignore a mountain of powerful scientific evidence that proves shooting badgers will not solve the problem of bovine TB.  Click here for a sample email/letter [pdf] you can send.

Write to your local paper

Send a letter to the editor of your local paper to help raise public awareness and ask everyone who is against the cull to write to visit our website and get involved.  

Social Media

Please use all social media avenues available to you to ask everyone who is against the cull to help spread the message far and wide.  Together we can speak up for the badgers and make their voice heard.

Click here for further information about the Badger Campaign.

We couldn’t provide our vital services without the generosity of people like you. Help us continue our work to stop the badger cull – make a donation to our stop the badger cull campaign.

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