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Anonymised Case Studies

You’ve just bought a new puppy, but the process didn’t feel, right? You didn’t see the puppies mum, there was no paperwork, bought the dog in a ‘convenient’ location?  These are all signs of puppy farming. Criminals who ‘deal’ in puppies are skilled in conning people and want your money.

A dog breeder who cares about the dog’s welfare will show the puppy interacting with its mum, in the place that it was bred. They will have vaccination paperwork and be happy for you to visit several times before taking the puppy home.

Since launching our #Hotline4Puppies project in 2019, we have received hundreds of reports of suspected illegal puppy farming and breaching welfare standards in the breeding of dogs. Some reports have just been a sentence and the name of the individual and others much longer.

If YOU suspect an individual of cruel puppy farming but are not sure, these 10 anonymised case studies may be helpful. Our team then undertake covert online investigations and work with local enforcement.

Report 1:  This male is advertising new puppies a lot. Not known if operating legally or not. Previous purchase two years ago the puppies seemed healthy but were very grubby and had no toilet training at all.

Report 2:  Occupier is a dog breeder who has been operating for a few years and currently has five female dogs. The dogs are kept for long periods in a small, confined area consisting of sheds and a small outside pen. The dogs are seldom taken for walks or allowed to socialise with other
dogs. The smell of the dogs’ faeces is unpleasant and the dogs frequently bark and howl. This area is not in public view.

Report 3: The property is a council house which has had outbuildings built the length and breadth of their rear garden which house dogs, believed to be French bulldogs which bark day and night.

Report 4: Persons have bought dogs from these premises and either parent are not to hand or not available when requests to see them are made.

Report 5: The kennels in the back yard have been purposely built for breeding and persons are out to make a profit without thinking about the welfare of the animals. Dogs are barking at numerous intervals throughout the day and often pups are whining as if in pain at times.

Report 6: Dogs that were advertised for sale seen in a very dirty condition. The puppies had diarrhoea and were extremely timid. They were in a dirty kennel without the bitch.  Some other dogs were kept in small kennels and crates in dirty conditions. Last week the same premises had collie pups advertised for sale.

Report 7: The operation is being run in the house and rear garden. They are now selling their third litter in the last twelve months and currently have 16+ puppies for sale. They are advertising their puppies on their Facebook page (open to the public) and The advert states they are not licensed.

Report 8: Report of unregistered Breeder who pays no tax. Five litters in the last 3 months. He has 45 dogs and lives in ********. Dogs have no vet bedding or heating. Evidenced by social media posts.

Report 9: These people are buying dogs in from different sources, sometimes from Ireland or Wales, and forging paperwork. Selling them as much younger dogs, and even as different breeds than they actually are. Puppies are undernourished and are much smaller than they should be.  They use older dogs to show as the parents - all the dogs are kept in pretty appalling conditions in the back of the premises. From the outside, it all looks very posh and well-kept and is described as ‘Luxury’.

Report 10: Concern over the person using social media claiming they are a rescue centre but selling Pedigree puppies and using other people’s pictures. Occupants speak broken English and offer buyers a choice of collecting from the house or puppy can be sent by courier. No interaction possible.

Please do contact in confidence, our investigations team if you suspect someone is involved in illegal puppy farming: or 07392 185373.