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Dog breeding during the COVID-19 pandemic

Breeding puppies

With the normal gestation period in dogs being approximately 63 days, Naturewatch Foundation urged breeders to refrain from breeding dogs during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Selling puppies

When the government advised against all non-essential travel, we launched our Puppies in a Pandemic campaign.

Naturewatch Foundation wrote to the websites Gumtree, Pets4Homes and Preloved urgently asking them to take down all adverts for puppies and kittens as we feared puppy farmers and smugglers would seek to profit.

Buying puppies

Puppy farmers don’t care about you or your family.

Sadly, during the pandemic there has been a spike in puppy demand as we foresaw. This demand was jumped on by some criminally minded people eager to make a profit out of the crisis without any care for the dogs.

You can still help our campaign and get the websites to respond to the crisis and puppy farming.

Take part in our campaign today. Contact Gumtree, Pets4Homes and Preloved to ask them to stop advertising puppies!
After the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

The government has issued clear advice to the public on how best to avoid illegal puppy farmers.

This advice includes meeting the breeder in person at the place where the puppy was bred, meeting the puppy and its mother in advance of purchase and exchanging a puppy contract.

More information is available throughout our website and on the government site.

Thank you for supporting our work to improve the lives of all animals – please make a donation today.

Read our updated blog, published in the summer of 2020: Puppies in a Pandemic