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How to spot a puppy farmer

None of us can resist a cute pup. And puppy farmers know that.

Puppy farmers are unscrupulous dog breeders who place profits over animal welfare.

If you're thinking of bringing a new puppy into your family, here's how you can avoid puppy farmers.


Is there a phone number attached to the puppy’s advertisement?

Are there search results advertising different breeds? Do a search online using the same number. 

That’s a puppy farmer.​


Are you asked to meet the seller at a ‘mutual’ location?

A park? A fast food outlet? A car park? 

That’s a puppy farmer.


If you meet them at a house, are there many dogs barking in the background?

Are you told they are watching pets for a friend? 

That’s a puppy farmer.


Where’s mum?

Are you told the mother is unwell, staying with a friend, at the vet, groomer, or anywhere other than with her puppy?

If you can’t meet the mum, for any reason at all, that’s a puppy farmer.

If you are presented with a dog they say is the mother, see the puppy suckling to be sure.


Does the puppy (or mum) appear sick or lethargic?

That’s a puppy farmer.

Don’t buy the puppy. Take  down all the seller’s details and report them to the RSPCA, local authority or Naturewatch Foundation's confidential #Hotline4Puppies... / 07392 185373

Buying a puppy from a puppy farmer only funds their ability to breed more dogs cruelly.


Do they refuse to give you the name and contact details of their veterinarian?

Have they misplaced them? Did the vet go on holiday at the exact time you’re buying the puppy, so you can’t contact them to check?

That’s a puppy farmer.


The good news is, there are many perfect dogs and pups waiting for loving homes right now - and you won't even have to pay the hundreds of pounds that puppy farmers charge.

Thinking of getting a dog? Find your perfect match!